Tentacles of Planned Parenthood

November 9, 2016

Ola.  If you go to Rio de Janeiro do not wear a flower in your hair, or flaunt an expensive wristwatch, or carry a Nikon camera.  It is asking for trouble, given high levels of poverty, so keep a low profile.  Don’t get me wrong, the Cariocas are friendly and welcoming usually speaking English, but it is best to stay on the beaten track where there is a police presence.  Our Lady of Aparecida is the national patroness and on her holy day it is a national celebration with the highway running the length of Copacabana Beach closed to traffic,  as the people flock to the beach and samba bands and dancers start practice in preparation for the Reveillon and the Carnaval  a few months later.  A block behind the Beach runs the commercial street – Avenue of Our Lady of Copacabana, serving the local population with prices that visitors cannot resist.  Of course a visit by funicular-railway to the top of Corcovado and the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer is essential, as is the cable-car to the top of the Sugarloaf.

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Hillary – the last post

November 7, 2016

In the previous post the emphasis was on abortion, because that is a fundamental issue and a defining issue (the biggest) in the presidential election.  Not that you would know it by reading the British press or listening to the BBC.  Abortion has been airbrushed from their news coverage.  This is of particular concern with regard to the BBC, as they are a public corporation with a responsibility to be impartial and unbiased.  The CDP have taken them to task concerning their leaning towards Planned Parenthood and their non-reporting of the undercover videos published by the Center for Medical Progress, proving PP have been selling the body parts (and whole bodies) of aborted babies to intermediaries in a market that has been created in the US.  The BBC has gone along with the PP strategy to suppress, spin and smear the story and the CMP.  Not a hint of it on radio or television, with only the briefest of indirect press-agency reporting online – all in favour of PP, especially the indictment of CMP Director (David Daleiden) by a Texas grand-jury.  When all charges against him were dismissed, not a dickybird or tweet from the BBC updating the ‘good news’.  Why is that?  David Lord, the top man at BBC with responsibility for impartiality, is on record saying that the BBC has an agenda based on “liberal democratic Western values”.  Not British conservative democratic values or Christian enduring & traditional truths & values.  It is clear the BBC is biased and acting contrary to its Charter .  Not that you will find any declaration to that effect in a BBC document, it all rests on the generic mind-set of producers and reporters.  The same situation has applied to their reporting of the US presidential election and Hillary Clinton, presumably because she and the BBC share the same liberal democratic Western values.

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Anyone but Hillary

November 6, 2016

The outcome of the US presidential election will impact on the whole World.  After eight years of an Obama administration, which has been the most pro-abortion of all time with a corrupting presence at the United Nations and with a global reach for its errors, we cannot endure another eight years of a Clinton administration that will not only continue with Obama’s agenda but extend it.  Prior to 2008, and as Hillary campaigned against Obama for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, her stated position was that she wanted to make abortion rare.  Now, and after contesting socialist Bernie Sanders with his extreme pro-choice policy, she has adopted an even more extreme set of  anti-life and anti-family policies that know no boundaries.  Not only does she intend to make the US taxpayers pay for abortions on demand in the US, they will also be paying for abortions in foreign jurisdictions and in situations that trample over local cultures.  She supports third-term abortions up to and including partial-birth, dismemberment and the sale of body parts of the unborn who are aborted.  She is also committed to appointing pro-abortion judges to the US Supreme Court who will strike down any restrictions and safeguards legislated by the States following the democratic process.  This also applies to the LGBT agenda, with Same Sex Marriage, that is being aggressively promoted and progressed across the US, at the UN and especially in the third-world.  Faced with this prospect, even Donald Trump is a better alternative to become President than the ultra aggressive progressive that is Hillary Clinton.  There is an important point that the Republicans do not seem to be getting across to the American voters – that is ‘vote Clinton and get Soros’.

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Apex Atheist

November 1, 2016

Top of the pile of aggressive progressives is George Soros.  What is his connection with Frank Furedi?  They are both Huns and promoters of the ‘open society’.  George is a billionaire, Frank is not, but there is a link between them.  The rule to finding these connections and networks is, “follow the money”.  George makes his fortune as a speculator by using his own money to leverage additional funds from investors to play the markets.  His main vehicle is the Quantum Fund and he is famous as the man who broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday in September 1992.  He forced John Major and Nigel Lawson to leave the Exchange Rate Mechanism, betting heavily against the £ with his hedge fund by short selling, even though they used £6bn trying to defend it.  George’s individual profit was £1bn.  George loves ‘open borders’ and in that respect loves the European Union.  Prior to this year’s Referendum he predicted disaster if the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.  Citing a fall in the value of the £ on the same scale as Harold Wilson’s devaluation in 1967.  This was not a prediction, it was a threat, and he had enough financial clout to make it happen without relying on the normal operation of the money market.

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Professor Frank’s Wife

October 26, 2016

In our 2013 Prospectus we identified the threat that our Christian Society is facing and has been facing over the last fifty years.  This threat has come about and grown because a number of minority groups, each with their own agenda, have banded together on the basis that ‘we will support your cause if you support our cause’.  Thus we have a rainbow coalition that is far from bright, intent on destroying the family and attacking religious belief.  Christianity is the main target, with the Catholic Church coming under intense fire because it is the bulwark on which their efforts – and ultimate goal – have foundered so far.  This drab network of individuals and groups, with their message of despair, have become more confident in expressing views that are frankly outrageous and would have been ostracised not so long ago.  The news media allow them the oxygen of publicity, especially the BBC, that helps them to propagate a culture of death and destruction.  In our Prospectus we defined these people as aggressive atheistic  libertine progressives.

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Professor Frank’s Monster

October 21, 2016

This is a postscript to the previous post two days ago about – the enemy within.  The monster that emeritus Professor Frank and his accomplices have created in our further and higher education establishments is modelled on a humanist education and open society that encourages ‘risky behaviour’.  Right on cue today, new guidelines urge universities to take a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence and harassment with better support for students.  A report by a UUK taskforce addresses the culture that has developed in our universities and their non-involvement approach, which must end;  and instead sets out standards of behaviour that they should promote and accept that they have a duty of care.  Go to > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-37718851

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The enemy within

October 19, 2016

The latest book by Frank Furedi, Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent, is ‘What’s Happened To The University?’.  His answer is different from the experience of many students.  With the new funding regime and the payment of fees, resulting in massive debt on graduation, students are more discerning and critical of academics and with the quality of tutors and the teaching on offer.  The student view of universities is – they do not care about the individual student and are only interested in tuition fees and rental money for halls of residence.  There seems to be more focus on the social activities available on campus.  Some universities have on-site nightclubs and bars in abundance.  The subsidised alcohol may be a way of damping down criticism and complaints.  Freshers Week is legendary for the excesses of the new students, apparently vomit-buckets have replaced spittoons.  This is hardly the reassurance that the Bank of Mum and Dad need as they question the value of a qualification that does not lead to a well-paid job or even employment.  It is also part of their job to be protective of their children, morally as well as physically.

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