Foundations for the Future (1)


3.1    In laying the foundations for the future we will adhere to the six systems of community being;

  • democracy,
  • culture and conviviality,
  • information and communication,
  • education,
  • health and social welfare,
  • economic equity and opportunity.

3.2.1   Repeal the Human Rights Act and replace with a modern Magna Carta based on God given natural law.

3.2.2   Introduce a Bill for the Right to be Born to be designated a prime constitutional statute overriding every other Act of Parliament and Court precedent.

3.3    Transfer the funds released by the outlawing of abortion towards improving ante-natal and neo-natal services.

3.4    Propose new employment rights for mothers of children under the age of seven.

3.5    Provide a guarantee of paid employment for all through a modern Community Programme linked to training and career advice.

3.6    Maintain Child Benefit as the main support for mothers and provide a financial support system to eliminate family poverty.

3.7    Reform the Low Pay Commission by making it independent and streamlining the process; and widening its remit with the objective of making the minimum wage a living wage.

3.8    Increase the income tax threshold to remove minimum-wage earners from the direct tax system.

          Reform the income tax bands and retain a progressive system of 10p, 20p, 30p and 40p in the £.

3.9    Increase the threshold for payment of the employee’s National Insurance contribution to the annual equivalent of the Income Guarantee.

          Reduce the employee NI contribution to 10p in the £ and remove the cap on payment.

          Introduce an employer NI contribution based on a 10p in the £ payroll tax.

3.10   Reform Corporation Tax and introduce a progressive system of 10p, 20p and 30p in the £ on profits.

3.11   Increase the Carers Allowance to the same level as the Income Guarantee.

           Provide support for adolescent carers and their family through foster grand-parents paid the married couple Income Guarantee.

3.12   Increase the basic state pension to the same level as the Income Guarantee and equalise the qualifying age at 63.

           Retain the contributory qualifying requirements but rationalise the scheme in a logical manner. 

           Provide additional age-related payments at 70, 77, 84 etc.

3.13   Introduce an additional-pension scheme by replacing Individual Savings Accounts [ISA] with Pension Individual Savings Accounts [PISA] linked to the provision of housing mortgages.

3.14   Abolish stamp duty on share dealings to repair the damage to pension funds and schemes.

3.15   Abolish stamp duty on property purchases and replace with a tax on property sales calculated on property value inflation.

3.16   Abolish the TV License Fee and fund public broadcasting of the BBC with the equivalent of the take of 1p income tax at standard rate.

           Requirement on BBC to improve quality and standards.  Move the watershed to 22.00.

           BBC and BT to provide free broadband access.

3.17   Abolish the Vehicle Registration Fee and the annual Vehicle Excise Duty and replace with a one-off Vehicle Registration Tax based on the existing seven bands and a multiplier of 10.

3.18   Oppose the introduction of road-pricing schemes as existing fuel duty is an effective pricing system.

3.19   Abolish the Air Passenger Duty and replace with an Air Flight Tax on all aircraft movements based on pollution level as this will encourage the manufacture of clean aircraft and engines.

3.20   Make Inheritance Tax a genuine tax on recipients instead of the deceased’s estate with exemptions for the family home and allowances for family members.

Revised November 2009


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