Professor Frank’s Monster

This is a postscript to the previous post two days ago about – the enemy within.  The monster that emeritus Professor Frank and his accomplices have created in our further and higher education establishments is modelled on a humanist education and open society that encourages ‘risky behaviour’.  Right on cue today, new guidelines urge universities to take a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence and harassment with better support for students.  A report by a UUK taskforce addresses the culture that has developed in our universities and their non-involvement approach, which must end;  and instead sets out standards of behaviour that they should promote and accept that they have a duty of care.  Go to >

While the CDP welcomes this report it is of concern that this is only guidance when it should be binding and compulsory.  Also, if the support proposed to be made available is a referral to an abortion agency instead of a genuine impartial pregnancy care agency, then we have serious concerns.

If the culture in universities is not changed how can parents have any confidence that they are not placing their children, especially daughters, at risk by sending them to university.  The best advice would be to seek a different career route.  Colleges and universities must adopt a culture of life, moderation and modesty.

In the BBC coverage they report the response of the National Union of Students, who cannot resist apportioning some blame to our “post-Brexit society”.  The NUS need to grow up and the BBC need to stop their anti-Brexit agenda.


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