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Paul Kennedy

General Secretary and Treasurer

Christian Democratic Party

A Registered Political Party for Great Britain registered with the Electoral Commission since 25th February 1999


A congregation of people for Solidarity and Conscience for Life


We are defined as : Popular Catholic Action

Promoting and Serving the Common Good

Christian Democratic Resurgence  is a campaign and registered description of the Christian Democratic Party.  The purpose of the campaign is to raise again and to restore our enduring and traditional Christian truths and values as the foundation of the United Kingdom’s Constitution.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a Christian country and our aim is to defend and maintain it as a Christian Democracy.  An authentic democracy requires a moral and virtuous people.

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In 1901 Leo XIII [in the Encyclical ‘Graves de communi’] declared as acceptable and accepted the expression “Christian Democracy” as meaning neither more nor less than Popular Catholic Action and as having for its aim to comfort and uplift the lower classes, excluding expressly every appearance and implication of political meaning.  Ten years earlier Leo had published his Encyclical ‘Rerum Novorum’, which has been described as the Magna Charta of Christian Democracy, dealing with the social question in its popular aspects.

This together with his other Encyclicals on the political, ethical, juridical and economic questions of the day formed the foundation for that great body of work that we call Catholic Social Teaching.  Subsequent Popes have added to the Church’s social teachings, the latest being Francis with his Encyclical Laudato Si’  on Care for our Common Home.

The term “Christian Democracy” has evolved and tends more and more to denote a school of thought and a political party, losing the original meaning of Popular Catholic Action.  This has been the European experience in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.  The UK had no experience of party-political Christian Democracy, but that changed in 1999 when the Christian Democratic Party was registered in the UK as the first Christian political party.

Inspired by the original definition of Popular Catholic Action we have forged the CDP to a new political purpose.  Popular has a reference to the people. Action was taken to mean an organised movement with a definite programme to deal with the pressing problems that come before it.  Catholic (and therefore Christian) means it is the work of Catholics.  “Popular Catholic Action, therefore, means that the scope mapped out for the activity of the organisation is the well-being of the people; and that the movement proceeds along Catholic lines, under the guidance of Catholic leaders.”

{Acknowledgement to and for explanation > Catholic Encyclopedia }

Though we are faithful Catholics, we are not an official or even unofficial part of the institutional Church.  Promoting faith and family, and defending the sanctity of life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, we neither seek nor expect any endorsement from the Church.

You do not have to be a Catholic to become a member of the CDP.  You do not need to belong to any other Christian denomination, or be a member of any other religion, to join with us.  All that is required is that you support our core aims and values.

We expect people to vote for us because they agree with our Party Programme.

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Our registered address is : PO Box 1070 – Lincoln – LN4 4WE


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