Of Mice and Men and May

June 15, 2017

To quote from Robert Burns poem of 1785 to a Mouse – “But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane, In proving foresight may be vain; The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!”  In plain English – you are not alone in proving foresight vain as best laid schemes often go askew, leaving grief and pain instead of joy.  To that we can now add the plans of May in calling a snap general election, before completing the exit from the European Union and completing the full fixed five year term of Parliament.

TM has self-destructed and her image as a statesman lies in tatters at the mercy of her party and the men in grey suites.  Her action has proved to be without doubt extremely irresponsible, after proving that she cannot be trusted.  She survives because there is no real alternative.  Her action was all about strengthening her position within the Conservative Parliamentary Party, but she has achieved the opposite and she has put Brexit at risk.  Federalist European politicians are mocking her and the UK as they offer to let the UK remain in the EU at a price.  They will regret that derisory attitude, because the Dunkirk spirit will prevail.  UK citizens will close ranks and form squares to defend their decision to leave the EU; even as the Conservative Party, in their turn, are torn apart themselves.

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Dis May

June 3, 2017

In April, when Theresa May came out of the door of No. 10 to announce to the news media assembled in Downing Street that she was calling a snap general election, there was a general feeling of surprise and I am sure that I was not the only one with a feeling of discouragement.  Surprise because she had vowed to complete the exit from the European Union and complete the full fixed five year term of the Parliament.  Discouraged because she was behaving like every other opportunistic politician taking advantage of a perceived advantage in the opinion polls and the disarray of the opposition parties.  Of course it needed an enhanced majority of the Commons to approve the move and it could easily have been blocked, but only thirteen MPs voted against bringing the Parliament to an end.  That is what you get in a Parliamentary Democracy.  In a Peoples Direct Democracy no political party would be able to gain a self-serving advantage by choosing the time of an election and the duration of the election campaign.

TM has sought to portray herself as a statesman above mere party considerations.  None of the reasons she has offered to justify her decision has stood up to scrutiny.  Last year we raised the question of honesty and integrity and stated it was too early to judge her and only time will tell.  Well now we know.  She cannot be trusted.

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Cruisin for a bruisin

March 21, 2017

The Scottish National Party are out to pick a fight, any fight on any pretext, so that they can act the injured party and gain the sympathy vote.  They know they are on borrowed time and it is running out for them; not just with Scotland’s voters but also with their own members and supporters.  Likewise with Sinn Fein, who are in exactly the same position in Northern Ireland (and also failing to make a decisive break through in the Republic).  Both parties are National Socialist, which may come as a surprise to many SNP members and elected representatives who think and are told they are social democrats.  As such, they are both adept at misleading the public and spinning the facts as they pursue their overriding aims of independence and reunification.  In that process they are creating anxiety and further divisions that will inevitably lead to aggression and violence.  SF can turn this on and off very easily to suit their agenda.  There is also an aggressive element that has attached itself to the SNP and with little excuse would ape its cousins across the North Channel.  Their justification, notwithstanding their behaviour and provocation, is they are both victims and being forced to respond because they have no choice.  They are being taken out of the European Union against their wishes!

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American Bulldog

February 10, 2017

You heard it here first; Donald Trump is an American Bulldog.  He may not even realise it himself, but he has all the characteristics of that breed.  The Australian Prime Minister found this out when speaking to the new President on the telephone for the first time.  Given Australia’s strict immigration rules it was hardly courteous, diplomatic or good sense to lecture DT about his Executive Order reinstating a temporary travel ban before tightening up the procedures for entry to the US.  He got short shrift when DT reportedly put the phone down on him.  The PM retired with his tail between his legs.  The rat-pack press corps at the White House have also been savaged and put on notice that they will not be allowed to challenge and undermine the democratic legitimacy of the new Administration.  One of DT’s first acts by Presidential Memorandum  was to reinstate Ronald Reagan’s ‘Mexico City Policy’ that prevents US taxpayers money being spent on carrying out and promoting abortions in foreign jurisdictions.  The liberal progressives of the rat-pack press immediately attacked the move.  Was DT bothered?  Not a bit, as he sent out the White House Press Secretary to admonish them and put the whelps in their place.  Sean Spicer was uncompromising, asking why were they howling when DT had campaigned on that promise and the electorate had backed it?  Going further he made clear that DT was a Pro-Life President who was leading a Pro-Life Administration.  It was for that reason that 52% of Catholic and 81% of Evangelical voters carried DT and his pro-life campaign team over the finishing and winning line.  And it is for that reason that I am fine with the new President and his Vice-President, Mike Pence, and happy that they defeated pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.  I will judge them on what they do during their term of office and not on anything that they may have done previously.

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Monkey Business

January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, as we thankfully leave the Year of the Monkey behind and start the Year of the Rooster.  People in the West have been bemused and disturbed about the shenanigans surrounding the Referendum to leave the EU and the US Presidential Election.  While in the Far East there was no surprise at the amount of deceit, mischief and trickery that occurred last year, because after all that is what monkeys get up to and it was extreme because according to their calendar they are in the fire phase.  Anyone who has encountered monkeys in the wild (such as in Gibraltar) know they are agile, curious, intelligent, quick-witted and sociable.  They are also deceptive, selfish, reckless and restless – especially when they group together in clans and gangs.  They are little beggars and friendly when getting fed titbits, but become aggressive when refused and have a nasty bite.  They have no fear of humans and venture down from the Rock in to the City centre is search of savouries, which they prefer to the raw fruit and vegetables that are provided for them by the wardens.  You will also encounter them on the balcony of your hotel room as they forage widely, usually by themselves.  They are a real danger when they group and like any tribe have territorial disputes and fight each other.  So to them humans are just another tribe or troop entering their domain.  This is perfectly demonstrated at the top of the Rock.  They have come to associate plastic bags with food, so carrying a bag makes you a target.  You will be mugged for sure as they work together to distract you, while their leader snatches the bag.  They are also known to pick pockets and rummage in handbags.  They will also pounce before you are aware of their presence.  A favourite trick is to leap on to the roof of the cable-car as it nears the top, and then jump down as you step on to the platform.

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Hillary – the last post

November 7, 2016

In the previous post the emphasis was on abortion, because that is a fundamental issue and a defining issue (the biggest) in the presidential election.  Not that you would know it by reading the British press or listening to the BBC.  Abortion has been airbrushed from their news coverage.  This is of particular concern with regard to the BBC, as they are a public corporation with a responsibility to be impartial and unbiased.  The CDP have taken them to task concerning their leaning towards Planned Parenthood and their non-reporting of the undercover videos published by the Center for Medical Progress, proving PP have been selling the body parts (and whole bodies) of aborted babies to intermediaries in a market that has been created in the US.  The BBC has gone along with the PP strategy to suppress, spin and smear the story and the CMP.  Not a hint of it on radio or television, with only the briefest of indirect press-agency reporting online – all in favour of PP, especially the indictment of CMP Director (David Daleiden) by a Texas grand-jury.  When all charges against him were dismissed, not a dickybird or tweet from the BBC updating the ‘good news’.  Why is that?  David Lord, the top man at BBC with responsibility for impartiality, is on record saying that the BBC has an agenda based on “liberal democratic Western values”.  Not British conservative democratic values or Christian enduring & traditional truths & values.  It is clear the BBC is biased and acting contrary to its Charter .  Not that you will find any declaration to that effect in a BBC document, it all rests on the generic mind-set of producers and reporters.  The same situation has applied to their reporting of the US presidential election and Hillary Clinton, presumably because she and the BBC share the same liberal democratic Western values.

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Anyone but Hillary

November 6, 2016

The outcome of the US presidential election will impact on the whole World.  After eight years of an Obama administration, which has been the most pro-abortion of all time with a corrupting presence at the United Nations and with a global reach for its errors, we cannot endure another eight years of a Clinton administration that will not only continue with Obama’s agenda but extend it.  Prior to 2008, and as Hillary campaigned against Obama for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, her stated position was that she wanted to make abortion rare.  Now, and after contesting socialist Bernie Sanders with his extreme pro-choice policy, she has adopted an even more extreme set of  anti-life and anti-family policies that know no boundaries.  Not only does she intend to make the US taxpayers pay for abortions on demand in the US, they will also be paying for abortions in foreign jurisdictions and in situations that trample over local cultures.  She supports third-term abortions up to and including partial-birth, dismemberment and the sale of body parts of the unborn who are aborted.  She is also committed to appointing pro-abortion judges to the US Supreme Court who will strike down any restrictions and safeguards legislated by the States following the democratic process.  This also applies to the LGBT agenda, with Same Sex Marriage, that is being aggressively promoted and progressed across the US, at the UN and especially in the third-world.  Faced with this prospect, even Donald Trump is a better alternative to become President than the ultra aggressive progressive that is Hillary Clinton.  There is an important point that the Republicans do not seem to be getting across to the American voters – that is ‘vote Clinton and get Soros’.

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