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Top of the pile of aggressive progressives is George Soros.  What is his connection with Frank Furedi?  They are both Huns and promoters of the ‘open society’.  George is a billionaire, Frank is not, but there is a link between them.  The rule to finding these connections and networks is, “follow the money”.  George makes his fortune as a speculator by using his own money to leverage additional funds from investors to play the markets.  His main vehicle is the Quantum Fund and he is famous as the man who broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday in September 1992.  He forced John Major and Nigel Lawson to leave the Exchange Rate Mechanism, betting heavily against the £ with his hedge fund by short selling, even though they used £6bn trying to defend it.  George’s individual profit was £1bn.  George loves ‘open borders’ and in that respect loves the European Union.  Prior to this year’s Referendum he predicted disaster if the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.  Citing a fall in the value of the £ on the same scale as Harold Wilson’s devaluation in 1967.  This was not a prediction, it was a threat, and he had enough financial clout to make it happen without relying on the normal operation of the money market.

In a previous post I stated the obvious, that all of the immediate dire consequences of Project Fear predicted to happen just for voting to Leave the EU had not materialised except for the devaluation of the £ sterling.  Of course nothing has changed after our new Independence Day and the immediate panic of the markets rectified by themselves,.  So why is the £ still at a low exchange rate, given the problems of the Dollar, Euro, Yen and Yuan?  We are told that the £ is overvalued against the $, but that ignores the facts; the US has a gigantic National Debt and an enormous amount of Quantitative Easing to unwind.  The answer is obvious and has George’s fingerprints on it, plain and clear to see.  By now we should have seen the £ rebounding, but there are two reason why it has not.  The first is the US presidential election and the second is Mark Carney and the Monetary Policy Committee who have locked in the devaluation of the £ by lowering base interest rate and a further bout of UK QE.   The second factor can be dealt with easily by reversing the process and raising the interest rate.  The money markets are expecting a further reduction in the base interest rate because that is what Mark has indicated, and as a consequence for the £ to fall even further.  They are betting on parity with the $, before they then make a profit with an increase in the value of the £.  So the answer is to wrong foot them and leave them with burnt fingers by raising the base interest rate immediately to 0.75%.  This to be followed by gradual increases to 1.75%, which is a realistic position given the state of the economy and inflation.  This will also reduce the cost of imports of essential food and raw materials, giving effect to our policy of economic equity and opportunity.

This will make a dent in George’s fortune and also impact on his Open Society Foundation that he uses to channel funds towards his aims of changing society, or as some see it achieving world domination.  His reach is extensive with his tentacles stretching far and wide.  To find out the full extent of his influence and the number of pies he has had his fingers in,   >  http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

George is like the evil megalomaniac villain in a Bond movie, who is intent on imposing his desires on the World.  He set up his first Open Society Foundation in his home country of Hungary, followed by more in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  These now extend to more than seventy countries worldwide.  He has fostered and funded political revolutions and brought down governments.  He has formed a shared agenda with Obama and the Clintons.  He has also supported the Democracy Alliance and the Shadow Democratic Party which is left-wing and the driving and real-power within the US Democratic Party – rather like Momentum and the UK Labour Party.  These tactics of infiltration with his leftist agenda (of abortion, euthanasia, drug legalisation, open borders and global government) is not restricted to political parties and governments.  Amnesty International has been infiltrated and is now actively campaigning to rescind the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, that protects both mother and her unborn child.  The Life Institute has also accused him of directly, via his Open Society Foundation, of funding this campaign and interfering in Ireland’s internal affairs.  He also supports the infiltration of churches and religious organisations, using and including Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics for Choice.

His activities and those of his co-conspirators can be restricted.  Russia has banned foreign non-governmental organisations from operating and promoting activities and interests that are counter to the wellbeing of the State.


One Response to Apex Atheist

  1. Eric says:

    Yes, a Bond megalomaniac. But this is where the theory of the free market, free enterprise, freedom of the individual, taken to extremes has taken us; and it is here a state-sponsored ideology. It is precisely the enemy that Winston, the last true Englishman, is pitted against in 1984, and it destroys him. But not revolution – back to the future, to checks and balances, to the level playing field, to mutual respect between necessary classes of people and peoples. Possibly the spiritual revolution of Paul. The meek shall inherit the earth, if that’s all right with everyone else, the revolution starts when this pub (or tv programme) closes. Precisely what the Hebrew idea of jubilee was all about. Marx actually said the end point of history was when the state would whither away. Sounds familiar?

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