Professor Frank’s Wife

In our 2013 Prospectus we identified the threat that our Christian Society is facing and has been facing over the last fifty years.  This threat has come about and grown because a number of minority groups, each with their own agenda, have banded together on the basis that ‘we will support your cause if you support our cause’.  Thus we have a rainbow coalition that is far from bright, intent on destroying the family and attacking religious belief.  Christianity is the main target, with the Catholic Church coming under intense fire because it is the bulwark on which their efforts – and ultimate goal – have foundered so far.  This drab network of individuals and groups, with their message of despair, have become more confident in expressing views that are frankly outrageous and would have been ostracised not so long ago.  The news media allow them the oxygen of publicity, especially the BBC, that helps them to propagate a culture of death and destruction.  In our Prospectus we defined these people as aggressive atheistic  libertine progressives.

We aim to counter these aggressive progressives with a programme founded on a ‘Culture of Life, Moderation and Modesty’.  We are not alone.  All over the World people and groups are fighting back.  The groups that are listed in our Essential Links box, in the side panel, are only a small number that we support and rely on for accurate intelligence.  There are many, many more – their number is legion – valiantly opposing evil forces and operating on shoe string budgets.  The enemy is lavishly funded.  We intend to keep you informed about these people and the networks that support them.  The first link to Professor Frank Furedi is his wife Ann Furedi.

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She is Chief Executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service [provider of up to a third of UK abortions each year] and has recently had a book published, ‘The Moral Case for Abortion’.  The book is highly controversial and received wide criticism.  She maintains that abortion is just another form of birth control.  She champions reproductive choice and autonomy, amongst a host of women’s rights.  She and the BPAS promote ‘risky behaviour’  to both sexes as part of their outreach (sex and relationship education) to schools.  Their approach is much wider than abortion and contraception.  I do not need to rehash the outpouring of rage that her book has received. Go to >

Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph provides her with a platform >

You can also access her latest article via >

Ann Furedi is a Revolutionary Communist and allied with the International Planned Parenthood Federation who have been uncovered in the US, by David Daleiden of the Centre for Medical Progress, for selling the body parts of aborted babies for research purposes.  Although Ann has yet to acknowledge or justify such behaviour, given her previous involvement with the HFEA, we can guess her position.  She and her allies in the Houses of Parliament are pushing for the creation of ‘buffer zones’, claiming that women accessing abortion clinics should not be harassed.  It is a gross distortion, the advice and information provided by pavement counsellors has been welcomed by many mothers who have chosen to continue their pregnancy and save the life of their babies.  That sort of choice does not fit in with their ideology of ‘autonomy and reproductive choice’.  Autonomy means self-governing independence, but they have corrupted the meaning in to a personal woman’s right to do whatever she wants without any interference by the State, and that smacks of anarchy.

The BPAS is a health charity, with all the tax advantages that follow.  The National Health Service pays for 95% of the abortions carried out by the BPAS and they operate as a business and industry.  Every mother who decides to refuse their services is lost revenue, so they do not want mothers to change their minds by encountering a pavement counsellor.  Contrary to the BPAS propaganda, abortion is not a treatment.

The views of Ann and her friends from EMILY’s List must be vilified.  They should not be dignified by debate and the CDP will never share the stage with her likes.  The big objection to Obama Care in the US is that people and their employers should not be forced to pay for abortion and contraception.  In the UK we are forced by our taxes to pay up for these provisions even though we have a moral objection.  It will be difficult to change the Abortion Act in the face of the opposition from the news media and the vested interests.  However, even now there is no legal obligation on Government to fund such ‘services’; they have all done so without any mandate.  A CDP government would stop this and turn off the tap.  After all, the BPAS as a committed charity would continue to operate at no cost to their clients.  In reality they would go out of business.


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