The Christian Democratic Party is a frugal and prudent organisation.

Registered Political Parties are strictly regulated by the Electoral Commission.  The rules relating to financial income are complicated and require loans and donations over stipulated thresholds to be reported to the Commission.  During Election periods the rules are even stricter and the reporting threshold is lower.  Failure to comply will result in confiscation and fines for the Party.

Parties are also required to adopt a procedure for donations and loans to meet the requirements of the Electoral Commission with regard to accepting permissible financial contributions from people or organisations that must be registered in the UK.

Unregulated donations up to an amount of £500 can be accepted without any checks.  Amounts in excess of £500 require investigation for permissibility and checks to be carried out.

There are regulations for amounts in excess of £1500 [accounting units] and £7500 which must be reported to the Commission.

The Christian Democratic Party has adopted a policy whereby the Party will not get in to debt and will not borrow or enter into any loan arrangements or connected transactions whatsoever.

A procedure for dealing with donations has also been adopted.

Donations up to an amount of £500 will be accepted without the need to check that the donor is recorded on the Electoral Register or based in the UK.

Offers of donations above £500 will be investigated for permissibility and the necessary checks carried out.

Permissible donations over £500 and up to £7500 will be routinely reported to the National Executive Committee.

Offers of donations over £7500, which are permissible, will be reported to National Executive Committee for a decision on acceptance.  They will be reported, as qualifying permissible donations, as required to the Electoral Commission.

These procedures will ensure that we are fully compliant and acting lawfully.

The Christian Democratic Party will be pleased to receive your one-off or annual donation up to the amount of £500, either by a single payment with cheque made payable to Christian Democratic Party or by instalments.  Donors must supply their full name and address and will be issued with a supporter reference number.  The Party bank details will be provided on request if it is intended to set up a standing order.

Offers of donations over £500 should be made in writing to the General Secretary and Treasurer  at PO Box 1070, Lincoln  LN4 4WE –


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