The enemy within

The latest book by Frank Furedi, Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent, is ‘What’s Happened To The University?’.  His answer is different from the experience of many students.  With the new funding regime and the payment of fees, resulting in massive debt on graduation, students are more discerning and critical of academics and with the quality of tutors and the teaching on offer.  The student view of universities is – they do not care about the individual student and are only interested in tuition fees and rental money for halls of residence.  There seems to be more focus on the social activities available on campus.  Some universities have on-site nightclubs and bars in abundance.  The subsidised alcohol may be a way of damping down criticism and complaints.  Freshers Week is legendary for the excesses of the new students, apparently vomit-buckets have replaced spittoons.  This is hardly the reassurance that the Bank of Mum and Dad need as they question the value of a qualification that does not lead to a well-paid job or even employment.  It is also part of their job to be protective of their children, morally as well as physically.

The University of Kent is a “leftie university” according to graduates.  Political correctness dominates and in common with such institutions it has ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ to warn students of any course content that might be upsetting and to provide a place where discussions can be held in an environment that will not offend.  This culture is also used to stop discussion of matters that the aggressive progressives do not agree with or do not want to be debated, such as abortion.  This political correctness in places of learning is continued in the broadcasting and news media, and extends to civil society such as trade unions and political parties.  Political correctness language control is being pushed by fanatical progressives who demand intolerant obedience to their agendas.  This threat and the wider impact is explored in a min-documentary >

From a parents perspective, our responsibilities do not cease when our offspring reach the legal age of adulthood at eighteen.  Young adults are still dependent on their parents through to their graduation and their first employment. A further dependency arises from the debts with which their children are saddled and the financial burden of getting a step on the housing ladder.  It can go even further than that with help being provided towards the upbringing of grandchildren.  That is a total commitment that should not be undermined by the State or its agents.  When we place our children in to the care of primary and secondary schools it is on the understanding that they act in place of parents and are responsible for their wellbeing.  That same responsibility extends to further and higher education establishments.  Although those establishments might not agree, citing that they are dealing with adults.  That is a false position.  Science and medicine have shown that the adolescent brain is only hardwired years after physical maturity.  The age of twenty-one was widely accepted as the threshold of adulthood.  It was then recognised that men and women were different, with men becoming sensible a couple of years later.  The latest research indicates that it is actually later for both sexes, with men’s brains fully developed at the age of twenty-five.  From personal observations I would venture that men stop behaving badly after reaching the age of twenty-eight.

The State has arbitrarily decided that guardianship ceases at age twenty-five, for both families and local authorities.  A benchmark that the colleges and universities should have to take account of, acting accordingly in loco parentis.  It seems that they ignore bad behaviour and even to a great extent condone and encourage it.  If the head teacher at a school allowed behaviour, of the sort to which a blind-eye is turned by a Vice-Chancellor, they would be dismissed.  There is a trend developing for colleges and universities to warn of the dangers of excess at Freshers Week.  That is a theme of the new book.  Professor Frank claims that those warnings now resemble an induction course in to a convent.  He and his like are sexual revolutionaries dedicated to removing all barriers.  He condemns ‘paranoid parents’, accepts ‘risky behaviour’, and supports an ‘open society’ and ‘humanist education’.  For more detail refer to Mail Online with my apologies >

Some people have described the study of sociology as being akin to brainwashing.  I would really fear for the future wellbeing of any student being tutored by Professor Frank.  His reach is far and wide, with his books being translated in to thirteen languages.  Frank is one of those aggressive progressives who attacks parental rights and is intent on dismantling the protections provided by United Nations Charters.  His ‘risky behaviour’ includes the full gamut of sexual experimentation and if one of his students should fall pregnant, then he has the answer.  He has a direct line to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service who are the largest provider of abortions in Great Britain.  His wife Ann is the Chief Executive of BPAS.  Go to >

Professor Frank is not unique.  There are many like him who occupy positions in ex polytechnics and would not be considered for a proper university.  Radical in approach, only too keen to encourage students in the same direction.  If you were at the March for Life, in Birmingham last year, to witness a counter-protest you would know that the purpose was to drown out pro-life speakers and deny the marchers their rights of free speech and expression.  The origins of this youth protest came out of Aston University and in the background was an adult organiser.  My guess is that he was a lecturer.  What is certain was the presence of the National Union of Teachers, along with banner.

The CDP encourages all education institutions to act responsibly by adopting a culture of life, moderation and modesty.  In fact we would make it a statutory responsibility, thereby setting a good example and requiring their staff to do likewise.  Parents sending their children to college/university would be reassured and a lot less worried.


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