Nasty and Divisive

March 27, 2010

Having had more time to digest last Wednesday’s Budget it is clear that Chancellor Darling’s speech only skimmed the surface. The detail of the small print reveals that this politically motivated and electioneering Budget is extremely nasty and divisive. It is all about pandering to the base instincts of the rabid Labour supporters and satiate their jealousy of the rich. In Labour terms that means anyone earning over £40,000. Brown and Balls seem to have prevailed over the Blairites. The aim of their election campaign will be to consolidate their traditional vote instead of appealing to middle-England. They sense that there will never be a better time to soak the ‘rich’ as they are blamed for our present financial and economic woes. Portraying themselves as class heroes, by adopting the garb of Robin Hood, they can rob the rich to give to the poor. This is like the Roman Emperor diverting attention from the decline and fall of the Empire by throwing the Christians to the lions.

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Rusty Bucket

March 24, 2010

Today’s Budget was like a rusty bucket, full of holes and leaks. We know that New Labour has scant regard for Parliamentary traditions, but they really excelled themselves last weekend. The national newspapers from Saturday through to Tuesday have been full of stories about what the Budget would contain. The fact that all these stories have been proved to be right shows that they must have been leaked by insiders, Party spin-doctors and ministers. And, there is no doubt that the rot goes all the way to the top. The Mail on Sunday reported an exclusive interview with Alistair Darling ahead of the Budget. In this interview he set out his view of the economy and declared, “This will not be a giveaway Budget”. Previous Chancellors have resigned for less. The convention that ministerial statements are addressed to the House of Commons before being made public was broken in a big way.

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Smoke and Mirrors

March 23, 2010

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 24th day of March 2010, should be a date of national portent. A day that marks the start of a hard and long journey on the road to economic recovery. Will Chancellor Darling be his own man and bravely take the decision to put the Country before his Party? He is between a rock and a hard place. He must chart a course to a safe haven without ruthlessly flogging the weakest of the crew and squeezing the life out of them. In other words, we do not want a copy of the Ireland experience as advocated by the European Commission.

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Last Party Standing

March 15, 2010

On 13th March the Resurgence National Executive Committee accepted a recommendation not to stand candidates in the forthcoming General Election. This decision was taken reluctantly following an assessment of the poor response from all quarters of the Catholic community. Arising from this assessment a number of key issues have been identified that require attention. These issues are being dealt with as part of an action plan to prepare for the General Election of 2012.

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