Dave crashes out

August 25, 2016

Exited Prime Minister David Cameron has, in spectacular fashion, failed to reach the finishing line.  He has not won any medals and it is very doubtful that at any time in the future he will be commemorated with a special coin by the Royal Mint.  After five years of a shared premiership – teamed with Nick Clegg – and a surprise victory in the 2015 general election, when he assumed sole captaincy, he has retired after a mere thirteen months.  His short premiership, for the wrong reasons, will be a footnote in history [ranking with that of Anthony Eden].  Mainly due to over confidence, bordering on arrogance, he has crashed and in the process taken his team with him.  Given his record this was entirely predictable, indeed we anticipated  and warned in May 2015, that he would come a cropper with two posts [Dave stumbles at first hurdle and Dave set to outpace himself].

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Tortoise or Hare

August 9, 2016

There was a serious side to the previous post [The train now standing] because it is the start of a journey and the train has only just pulled out of the station, for it then to come to a grinding halt.  There is apprehension that the train will reverse back in to the station.  Passengers are now waiting nervously for an announcement as to how it is to proceed.  Slowly and vaguely appears to be the order of the day.  The official indication is the journey will start in January 2017 with the invoking of Article 50 and we will arrive at our destination, outside the EU, in 2019 with plenty of time to spare before the general election in 2020.  Now that seems to be very optimistic and it is inevitable that delays will occur.  The passengers will start to get impatient and demand more haste, but that is exactly what must not happen.

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