Our Criteria

There is a pressing need for a new organised movement with a definite programme in favour of the people, to deal with the problems before us.  Our organisation will conform to Catholic moral and social teaching and will be led by Catholics for the public weal.  That is our creed; Popular Catholic Action for the Common Good.

We will be a safe and legitimate voting option for Catholic voters.  They can, with a clear conscience, support us knowing that we meet the criteria set down by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

  1. we are pro-life and will make provision for the weakest and most vulnerable in society;
  2. we will defend the rights of the family;
  3. we will act to end modern forms of slavery;
  4. we will respect the right of freedom of religion;
  5. we will promote an economy which is to everyone’s benefit;
  6. we will promote a peace among peoples and nations which is not merely the absence of war;
  7. we will maintain a just and impartial judiciary;
  8. we will insist upon an ethical , honest and objective  communications and news media.

In adopting these criteria we are not being exclusive.  On the contrary, it is our intention to be inclusive but hold to these core aims and values, to which we believe all people of good will can relate.

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