Christmas gifts and wishes for the New Year

December 26, 2012

Wishing you all the gifts of this bright and beautiful Christmas, despite the deluge, and every blessing in the New Year.

May you experience God’s love during every day of the Christmas Season.

May the gift that Christmas is bless you with peace and happiness, continuing throughout the New Year

May all the days of Christmas be joyful and may you have a New Year fulfilled by Faith, Hope and Charity.

Happiness is not to be equated with materialism and unnecessary consumption leading to personal debt.  Greed and self-indulgent behaviour resulted in economic and financial crisis.

There is an urgent need for moral renewal based on enduring and traditional truths and values.  Keep the Faith of our Fathers. To survive the coming turmoil we must place our trust in Faith and Family. Hope for a future based on change for the better founded on Christian principles.  Let Charity be your motivation and obey the Golden Rule.

‘Joy and Peace at Christmas’ is our wish for all people all over the world as we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace – Redeemer and Saviour.  We will continue to strive for social justice and the pursuit of happiness through virtue.

We know what we are up against when we are dealing with the agenda of aggressive progressives, with their culture of death and the destruction of family and marriage.  Most people can see the danger that this agenda poses.  Less obviously we also face a culture of celebrity, commercialisation and reward that is self-serving and narcissistic.  This culture undermines our society and is the exact opposite of the common good.  Many people see no wrong in this and do not realise the threat that it poses.  When they do realise it will be too late. 

The Christian Democratic Party continues to progress towards our long-term goal of radical renewal to combat the erosion of Christian values and atheist attacks on our Christian Democracy.  What we are talking about is the struggle for survival.  We look forward to a Christian Democratic Resurgence.


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