Our Party Programme sets out our basic policies.  Democracy features strongly because it underpins all of our other activities.  We propose the defence of our historical Christian Democracy founded on principles of Peace, Truth, Justice and Freedom.  This must be true democracy, responsible and based on absolute and unchanging core values which are ethical, such as the sanctity of all human life and the rule of just and reasonable law.  We promote a restoration of honesty and integrity in public life with the emphasis on excellent behaviour and conduct.

We will expand democracy with elections for executive Mayor and Deputy for Local Authorities, and Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff for County public protection services.  We will democratise the National Health Service.  Members of Parliament will sit as the elected members on the relevant Strategic Health Authority.  Primary Care Trusts will be governed by an elected Health Commissioner and Deputy.

Constitutional reform will be based on a genuine and real separation of the powers of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.  Procedural changes will be made whereby the Prime Minister and government ministers must be the servants of the people’s representatives and must first introduce all legislation in the Commons, and be accountable to the Commons.

Electoral reform for the House of Commons will retain single member constituencies using the Alternative Vote system and an elected threshold of 50% + 1 of the vote.  Candidates must have an affinity with their constituencies.  MPs to sit on the relevant regional assembly and associated bodies.  The number of constituencies to be reduced with MPs pay benchmarked at twice the average national earnings.  Party Whips to be banned in the House of Commons.  Select Committees to have extended powers to enquire and report, with the ultimate mandate to introduce mini-Bills.  The election of committee chairmen/women to be beyond the control of government or parties.

Changes to the administrative and subsistence support provided to MPs.  MPs to reside in their constituency and to be accommodated in House Lodge when House sitting; with permanent constituency and parliament offices provided and staffed by a Department of Administrative Affairs.  MPs personal employees to be restricted to two assistants for the Constituency and House.

We will now develop these basic policies further.  All constructive comments will be carefully considered.

2 Responses to Democracy

  1. I dont know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    …..Frank Scurley

  2. lednerk says:

    I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.

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