Our Roots

The Christian Democratic Party was founded in Manchester by Christine West for the purpose of building a sustainable Christian political platform, to stop the de-Christianisation of the United Kingdom and the European Union, and to promote Christian values in Parliament.

It was the first Christian party in the UK and was registered as a political party on 25th February 1999.  Christine was the first Leader of the Party, and is now President.  She was the architect of the key policy objectives.  The CDP stands up for the sanctity of life, family values, good morals, good housekeeping and a good environment – where we can all be happy and prosper, not just some political interest groups.  It values peace, truth and decency, justice and reconciliation, freedom and democracy.

 The CDP contested the 2001 General Election and local elections in 2002 and 2003 in Manchester, and the European Parliament election in Wales in 2004.  The Resurgence political party merged with the Christian Democratic Party on 1st May 2012.

Resurgence’s roots were from the ProLife Party (formerly and now known as the ProLife Alliance) which contested the 1997 and 2001 UK General Elections and the 2004 European Parliament election.  The objective of the ProLife Party had been to use its party election broadcasts to show the truth about abortion to the British electorate.  The BBC censored the broadcasts, thereby denying freedom of speech.  The Party decided to de-register as a political party in November 2004 and reverted to its original name of the ProLife Alliance as it continues to pursue political campaigning.

The ProLife Party had a unique vision of a society in which ordinary men, women, children and families are protected and respected for their human dignity at every single stage and circumstance of life.  The ProLife Party had aimed to offer the electorate the opportunity to reject the prevailing values of British society which cause enormous damage to unborn and born children, women who are mothers and those who are not, men who are fathers and those who are not, and young adults including those still at school.

Some of the Party members wished to continue to pursue the same aims and objectives of the ProLife Party, but with a much wider agenda which addressed the legitimate concerns of the people.

They met at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey on 29th September 2005 for the purpose of founding ‘Solidarity and Conscience for Life’ with aims defined by the Right to Life, the Common Good and Social Justice.  The surviving founders are James Caffery  and Paul Kennedy, who is the current General Secretary and Treasurer.  Their attempt to register as a political party under the title Solidarity was rejected by the Electoral Commission.  The Commission instead registered Scotland’s Socialist Movement with the title name of Solidarity. 

Solidarity and Conscience for Life was eventually registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission on the 31st March 2007 under the name and title of Resurgence. The meaning and purpose of Resurgence was and still is to rise again and to restore.  The central themes of the ProLife campaign – to inspire and to renew – were carried over to this initiative.  The Party was to be a people orientated organisation – distinct, innovative and original.  It formulated the core aims and values, carried over to the CDP.

The founding principles of the merged political parties are protected by the Foundation Trustees who act as the guardians and conscience of the Christian Democratic Party.  The Trustees are Christine West, James Caffery, Paul Kennedy and Tatiana Johnson.

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