Our Committment

Theresa May has wasted no time in setting to differentiate her new government from her predecessors.  As Home Secretary she introduced the Modern Slavery Act and now as Prime Minister she has vowed fresh action to eradicate the evil trade from the UK.  It is estimated that up to 13,000 people are potential victims of slavery in the UK, with an estimated global trade £113 billion.  Aid is also being provided to help other countries, especially in Africa, as they battle the trade.

This is to be applauded and we encourage her to tackle the wider definition of modern slavery as set out in the CDP core aims and values.  She has described the trafficking of people as the great human rights issue of our time.  We do not belittle that sentiment, but we are equally clear that the greatest violation to human rights in history has been the killing of millions of innocent unborn babies.  This has been facilitated by the Population Control  Movement with the assistance of the UK promoted through the UN.  There are 200,000 children aborted in Great Britain each year.  We encourage Prime Minister May to act decisively.

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg belatedly voiced the need for reform and renewal, but in the process  debased these concepts.  They were talking about renewing their Parties, while we are committed to renewing our society.  They talked about change, but it was for the purpose of hanging on to power.

Our commitment is based on hope for the future and we will take and keep the high moral ground.  We want to return power to the people in a genuine direct democracy based on subsidiarity and solidarity.  We want change for the better.

In seeking to inspire we are also inspired.

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