Christmas Peace and Blessings

December 25, 2013

Peace at Christmas is our wish for all people all over the world as we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace. Nobody should have to live in fear of violence and death. It is not necessary or inevitable.

Neither should anyone living on this planet be without the basics that are necessary for survival; access to clean water, land to grow crops and graze animals, and sanitation, health care, learning and skills.

These are the blessings that we in the developed world take for granted, probably because we do not have to directly get our hands dirty. We give thanks for those blessings.

For billions of our neighbours in the third world it is a daily battle for survival. Peace is the key to unlocking the solutions to the problems that beset the world. Once again we reflect that Peace can be achieved by a simple change of attitude in the minds of those who control the levers of power. We are still waiting for those inspirational world leaders to emerge.

Pope Francis is directing us down the right path. Fatalism must be avoided at all costs. Each of us by being frugal can help to achieve a just distribution of the world’s resources. With Hope and Charity we must place our trust in Faith and Family.

May the gift that Christmas is bless you and your family with Peace and Happiness, continuing throughout the New Year.


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