Joyeux Noel – Happy Christmas

December 25, 2011

Joy and Peace at Christmas is our wish for all people all over the world. As we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace and Saviour we can reflect that Peace can be achieved by a simple change of attitude in the minds of those who have control of the levers of power.

If those who purport to be Christian start to live the message and teachings of Jesus Christ the example they set would permeate through their own societies. This would in turn send a powerful message to non-Christians. Leaders would be under pressure from their own people to emulate the Christian Democracies.

Peace is the key to unlocking the solutions to the problems that beset the world. It is only when we have Peace that we can obtain the Truth. When we know the Truth we can obtain Justice. When we have Justice we will obtain Freedom.

To survive the coming turmoil we must place our trust in Faith and Family.

Keep the Faith. Have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas.


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