Boy George

June 30, 2015

Following the General Election of 2010, which resulted in a coalition government comprised in the main of a new generation of young progressive politicians, I was moved to describe them as acting like bullocks let lose in a china shop.  This was because they were acting in haste with little thought for the long-term damage resulting from some of their decisions.  The main justification for acting quickly was to reassure the markets as a result of the country – public, private and personal sectors – being up to its neck in debt.  Instead of a considered forensic approach they were acting like lumberjacks.  One of the bullocks was George Osborne who had master-minded the Tory campaign, just has he did for the 2015 election.  He was rewarded with the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer and this time around has been given the additional role as First Secretary of State, for which he does not receive any additional remuneration.  Five years on he has grown with experience, but has he grown up?

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The craic was good in Telfs-Buchen

June 20, 2015

Outspoken Michael O’Leary {your man from Mullingar} was invited for the first time to attend the annual Bilderberg Group meeting held at the Inter Alpen Hotel in Austria from 11th to 14th June.  His loud, direct and unconventional views are consistent with his cattle-dealer approach to business and are likely to have resulted in some lively debate with the other 132 attendees.  He is not known for having much concern for rules, so there is a possibility that we might get an inkling of what was actually discussed at this normally secretive gathering.  As usual the meeting was held in an isolated location with tight security.  The secrecy surrounding the Group results in accusations of a conspiracy by transatlantic capitalists plotting the New World Order.  If the NWO is to be based on the Ryanair model of business we are all in trouble.  This is not really credible, but by inviting O’Leary the Group may hope to defuse the public perception of their activities.  Michael was probably just there for the craic.

Why should this be of concern to us?  If this really is an unaccountable cabal in a sinister conspiracy for world domination it would be a threat to our aim of economic equity and opportunity, and contrary to the common good.  Chatham House Rules apply to their meetings, so we will probably be non the wiser, but there is a way that we could find out what this ultra-secretive group are all about.  Chancellor George Osborne, who was also in attendance, could be requested to appear before a House of Commons Select Committee and asked to spill the beans. Read the rest of this entry »

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