Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

May 30, 2013

Lord Dear is to lead a vote against this Bill at Second Reading in the House of Lords next week. We commend his action and would like him to know that he has our support and that of hundreds of thousands of like minded people who signed the Coalition for Marriage petition against this proposal. It is shameful that this massive petition was arrogantly dismissed and disregarded by the Government. This then allowed them to claim that there was a majority of responses in favour of the proposal.

As Catholics we are strongly opposed to same sex marriage and wish to retain traditional marriage between a man and a woman for the procreation of children instead of some artificial and sterile mockery of a union.

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Christian Democratic Resurgence

May 27, 2013

Since the merger of Resurgence with the Christian Democratic Party on 1st May 2012 we have kept members informed of developments as we progressed. It has all been mundane work and a bit of a slog with even the simplest of tasks taking a lot longer to complete than we could possibly have expected. It seems symptomatic in both the private and public sectors that simple instructions are wrongly implemented, with systems overruling common sense.

In the course of merging the aim has been to learn from our collective past experiences, to keep and build on those systems and practices that have been proven, and to discard and replace those things that do not work. By taking a steady and thoughtful approach we will get the basic and essential documents and policies in place, so that we do not need to keep returning to and reviewing the work already undertaken. In other words, we are laying down a strong and secure foundation on which to build our future and the work of communicating our message.

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