Joyeux Noel – Happy Christmas – Nollaig Shona

December 25, 2017

And the Word was made flesh; And dwelt among us.  Hail Mary.

A Holy and Peaceful Christmas is our wish for all people throughout the world.

As we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace and Saviour we can reflect that Peace on Earth can be achieved by a simple change of attitude in the minds of those who have control of the levers of power.  This would result in a change in behaviour with more dialogue and the urge to establish the Truth of matters.  There would be far-reaching consequences, not least that the war on preborn babies would be ended.  Once we have peace in the womb, it is inevitable that peace in the world will follow.

If those who purport to be Christian start to live the message and teachings of Jesus Christ the example they set would permeate through their own societies.  This would in turn send a powerful message to non-Christians.  Leaders would be under pressure from their own people to emulate the Christian Democracies.

Peace is the key to unlocking the solutions to the problems that beset the world.  It is only when we have Peace that we can obtain the Truth. When we know the Truth we can obtain Justice. When we have Justice we will obtain Freedom.

Our society is dominated by a culture of commercialisation and monetisation, the cult of celebrity of non-entities, and the pursuit of reward that is excessive and undeserved.

Our response is to promote a Culture of Life, Moderation and Modesty.

To survive the coming turmoil we must place our trust in Faith and Family.

The Peace of the Lord be with you always.

Keep the Faith.



December 12, 2017

Words are important, they are what people live by.  “I keep my word” or “My word is my bond” are hallmarks of someone who can be trusted, usually a person who is honest and has integrity.  They say what they think and mean what they say.  They are becoming a rare breed, but they still exist.  In everyday situations promises are kept.  When promises are broken so are reputations that can never be repaired.   Politicians are not noted examples of the breed.  In Parliament their speech is protected by privilege, but they can be held to account because they are recorded in Hansard.

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