Motherhood and apple pie

November 29, 2018

There are somethings you cannot argue with, especially in the United States, and the idiom ‘motherhood and apple pie’ has long been used to give expression to that ideal.  No politician is going to overtly campaign against that ideal if they want to be elected.  Covertly they may do otherwise, so it is surprising that some are ignoring the rule, seemingly oblivious to their faux pas.  Recently President Macron denigrated educated women who have large families.  There was a world-wide response from successful professional women and mothers of up to seven children, who then posted pictures online of their large families.  The trend was started by Dr. Catherine Pakaluk who has a PhD from Harvard and eight children by choice.  Soon after Macron’s popularity ratings nose-dived [although there are also some other reasons].  Secular France has long given in to the Population Control Agenda (PCA) of abortion and no more than two children, resulting in a birth-rate below replacement level.  The obvious consequence of a declining population has been met with the necessity for immigration.  This is evident across the developed world and has created social issues, especially in the European Union.  Control of immigration was central to the UK Referendum on leaving the EU.  The Government response was that immigration was necessary for the UK Economy, conveniently ignoring the 9+ million future citizens aborted since 1967.  Wilful ignorance or delusion?

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De facto humanity of the pre-born child in the womb

November 23, 2018

The unborn child in the womb has a natural law right to life that is inalienable.  Each has a unique personality and physicality created at the first moment of existence.  All that is required, is to be allowed to grow in what should be the most safe and secure environment that ever was.  It is the duty of the rest of the human family to protect one of their own.  We are all one and have all travelled the same journey – conceived, grow, born, grown some more, evolved, developed, always learning, always changing in seven year phases, we progress until in due course we have a natural death.  Unfortunately for some, death comes early due to accidents or deliberate and illegal killing.

There are exceptions to this natural progress, such as euthanasia and abortion.  Abortion, is the deliberate and intentional premature destruction of a life in the womb.  In other words – the killing of a human being.  The Right to Life cannot be granted, but must be acknowledged.  The UN Declaration of Human Rights does just that.  Subsequent UN charters and conventions place a duty on States to protect children, including those in the womb, both before and after birth.  This is not some fiction and is well-known and supported by medicine and science.  From ancient times the prohibition on abortion was established when knowledge was less than it is now, when we can clearly see the child inside the womb and how they hear and react to those outside.

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All’s fair in love and war; and politics???

October 30, 2018

No and No; and No.  Not ever in any circumstance is it advisable to act with anything but honesty and integrity.  In love, underhand behaviour may win the woman, but it does not bode well for a long-term relationship.  In the not too distant past a man guilty of such conduct (taking advantage of a lady) would be denounced as a cad and a bounder (ungentlemanly behaviour).  This would even be the case resulting from ‘breach of promise’ and a betrayal of betrothal (to engage with a promise to marry).  Teaching children about courtesy and good-manners, right and wrong, and the value of morals are essential building blocks in the foundation years before their seventh birthday; and would pay handsome dividends.  These concepts may seem to be old-fashioned in todays permissive culture, but society could surely benefit by going back to the future.  It is incumbent on everyone to set a good example.  Bad behaviour must not be tolerated, and certainly not celebrated.  The introduction of a Code of Chivalry in to all educational establishments is urgent and vital.  Connect that bad behaviour with politics and it is a recipe for disadvancement and a potential disaster for the general public wellbeing.  Any politician who serially cheats on his wife, will cheat on the country and is not to be trusted and considered Prime Ministerial material.

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You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour

October 10, 2018

‘If I believe it, it is true’.  This seems to be the prevailing attitude in today’s self-centred society.  This attitude is promoted by people who should know better and it is dangerous because it undermines our democracy and results in a divisive society.  Democracy can only function by application of the cardinal virtues that are underpinned by the truth.  In the absence of revelation truth must be absolute, factual and objective.  Much of what is said and written is opinion, and opinion without evidence is nothing more than bigotry and prejudice.

Our memories of events can play tricks on us, especially as time goes by.  Police investigators know that four witnesses to an incident will recount four different versions of what happened and believe they are telling the truth.  So it is only the bits they agree on that can be relied on.  This is a simple fact of life.  If all four say they did not witness anything because they were not there, then it must be concluded it never happened.  This is the situation with Professor Ford’s allegations of sexual assault made against Judge Kavanaugh.  Compelling (if unbelievable) though her testimony was, and despite the Judge’s willingness to forgive injuries and bear wrongs patiently on the basis that she was mixed up and mistaken, this is not a situation of false memories after thirty-five years being retrieved during a course of therapy.  Professor Ford, due to her education, training and profession, knew exactly what she was doing.  Even though Judge Kavanaugh has been exonerated, the mass of people who still believe her describe her as a survivor of sexual abuse and a victim.  She may have experienced some other assault, but it is certain that she is a victim.  A victim of misuse by activist political lawyers affiliated with the US Democratic Party.

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Post Mortem

September 30, 2018

The result of the May Referendum in Ireland, to repeal and replace the 8th Amendment in the Irish Constitution, was a tragedy and a shock.  Since then we have been in a period of reflection and silence, trying to make sense of how and why this came about.  The Save the Eighth campaign team cannot be faulted, even as they battled against overwhelming odds.  There are many lessons that the CDP can learn from their endeavours.  At the All-Ireland Rally for Life, held at Stormont in Belfast, on 7th July the mood was one of determined defiance with the vow to fight even harder in the face of pressures to also make abortion legal in the North.  As a direct result of the referendum Gibraltar has now become a target for abortion activists who are seeking to overturn the territory’s pro-life law.  The Bishop of Gibraltar has spoken out strongly in defence of the unborn child in the womb.  The people have responded and been quick to form the Gibraltar Pro Life Movement.  Each Wednesday evening they hold a peaceful vigil outside the offices of the Government of Gibraltar.

Without any prompting, pro-life organisations from the UK and US have rallied to their side with offers of advice and support for this tiny nation.  The CDP is proud to stand in solidarity with the GPLM.

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Solidarity for Life

March 3, 2018

We are pleased to demonstrate our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ireland by supporting the Rally for Life in Dublin on Saturday, 10th March 2018.  The Rally starts at 2.00 pm, from Parnell Square, with a March through the centre of Dublin.  This will be the last chance to show public opposition to the proposal to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which provides equal protection for mothers and their unborn children.

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Rally for Life brings Dublin gridlock

July 8, 2017

This year the Rally and March was clearly focused on the campaign to win the upcoming referendum that will propose the rewording of the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution.  This will effectively legalise the provision of abortion to an extent that will make abortion in the UK look moderate by comparison.  The push by politicians and the extreme-left, cheered on by the news-media, has a momentum that appears unstoppable as it is supported by external forces.  It is an effort that will fail because there is no substance to their superficial and irrational premise that totally ignores the humanity of the pre-born child.  The massive turn-out on 1st July is indicative that the defenders of the 8th Amendment are active and organised, building on the work of the last few months, and most important are growing in number in every part of Ireland.

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