The Innocents

December 28, 2010

Today, the 28th December, we remember the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. The Magi encountered Herod in their search to find the new king and were asked to return when they had found him. On finding Jesus, they were warned to return by a different route and so thwarted Herod’s evil intent to slay Jesus. Undeterred Herod ordered the slaughter of all boys under the age of two in Bethlehem and the surrounding area. Joseph, having been forewarned, had taken the Holy Family to safety in Egypt. Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Christmas

December 25, 2010

We wish all our members and supporters a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Our greetings are extended to all our colleagues in Euro-Solidarity and friends across Europe. Our thoughts are particularly with our families and friends in Ireland who are experiencing a difficult and enduring period of hardship.

God bless you all.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Patroness of the unborn child

December 12, 2010

The first apparition of Our Lady to Juan Diego at Tepeyac, which is now a suburb of Mexico City, occurred on the feast of the Immaculate Conception on Saturday 9th December 1531 [the feast was celebrated on the 9th in Spain and its colonies]. The last apparition occurred on the 12th and is the date that Mexico and the whole world honour Our Lady as the Queen of Mexico, Mother of the Americas and Protectress of the Unborn Child. The Blessed Virgin appeared as an Indian girl, speaking Juan’s native language, offering her help to the oppressed native people. She is also known as ‘the little Indian lady’ and ‘the dark lady of Tepeyac’.

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