Our Aims

Christian Democratic Resurgence is a campaign for everyone who wants a society formed on the basis of enduring and traditional truths and values.

In March 2007 we published our First Radical Prospectus for Renewal

Events of the last seven years have proven that our analysis was accurate.  The situation has deteriorated; our broken society is further fragmented.  This has not come about by accident, nor is it evolutionary.  It is the result of a calculated campaign by aggressive atheistic libertine progressives.  This long and relentless subversive campaign has permeated in to every part of society.  It is now in the mainstream and has poisoned all the major political parties.  Those parties are beyond redemption; they are part of the problem.

In July 2013 we published our Second Prospectus Faith and Family as the answer and solution to our problems.  In this we identify the problems with our society, the causes and the threats.

We set out a way forward and the strategy that we will follow.  Our promises and covenant with the citizens of the United Kingdom are for a Renewed Compact based on a programme of Hope and Charity

Our goal is to restore order and build our future prosperity on a sustainable foundation of natural organic growth.

We aim to enrich the lives of each individual citizen by renewing and strengthening the pursuit of the traditional moral virtues that emphasise common decency, fairness, justice and brotherhood.

We are committed to maintaining the United Kingdom as a Christian Democracy and are particularly influenced by Catholic moral and social teaching.  Our democracy is so broken that drastic action is necessary and this desperate situation has required us to enter the political arena.

The Christian Democratic Party is authentic Popular Catholic Action promoting and serving the Common Good.

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