Foundations for the Future (2)


3.21   Reform the Value Added Tax system.  Tax to be applied to basic cost/price before the application of Excise Duties.  Retain zero and 5% bands, introduce 10% and 20% bands, and reduce standard rate from 17.5% to 15%.  Criteria to be based on essential versus luxury and polluting versus clean.

3.22   Replace Council Tax with Site Value Rating.  Central Government to fully fund mandatory agency services.  Public Protection services to be funded directly by the Home Office.

3.23   Democratise the Public Protection services at county level by introducing elections every four years for the executive positions of Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff with responsibility for civil defence, emergency planning, police, and fire and rescue services, including air ambulance and police flights.  Also to coordinate emergency ambulance service, mountain and coastal sea rescue; and liaise with national police and border forces.

Sheriff to appoint chief officers, executive directors and non-executive management board members on fixed term contracts of four years.

Indirectly elected Watch Committee to monitor the Public Protection executive

3.24   Create a National Highway Patrol police force to police the strategic national highway network, equipped with road vehicles, helicopter and spotter planes.

3.25   Democratise the National Health Service.

MPs to sit as the elected members on the relevant Strategic Health Authority.

Primary Care Trusts to be governed by elected Health Commissioner and Deputy with responsibility for appointments of executive and non-executive members.  Elections and fixed-term contracts for four year periods.

PCT areas to correspond to district or unitary local authority areas.  Joint working with Local Authorities on public health and community care.

District Community Health Councils to monitor PCT and health services.

3.26   Reform Local Authorities by moving all community and personal services to district level.

Elections every four year for Mayor and Deputy.  Four year fixed-term contracts for chief council officers.

Local Authority councillors to be reduced in number but with increased powers to monitor and scrutinise.

3.27   Promote Constitutional reform based on a genuine and real separation of the powers of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

3.28   Make provision for the accession of the Head of State following an Acclamation Referendum and for mandatory abdication resulting from an Abdication Referendum.

Propose amendments to the Coronation Oath to include reference to the natural law.

Make provision for Citizens to Petition the Head of State.

Make provision for the Head of State to delay the assent of legislation pending a referral to a Constitutional Court/Supreme Court or referral for a decision of the People in a referendum.

3.29   Make provision for the Head of State to appoint the Judiciary as recommended by the non-governmental post of Lord Chancellor.

3.30   Promote Electoral reform of the House of Commons retaining single member constituencies.

Use the Alternative Vote system and an elected threshold of 50% + 1 of the vote.

Include the option on ballot papers for the election of Members of the House of Commons for voters to choose “None of the above”.

Candidates to have an affinity with their constituencies.

The number of constituencies to be reduced.

MPs pay to be benchmarked at twice the average national earnings.

Party Whips to be banned in the House of Commons.

MPs to sit on the relevant regional assembly and associated bodies.

3.31   Make changes to the administrative and subsistence support provided to MPs.

MPs to reside in their constituency and to be accommodated in House Lodge when House sitting.

Permanent constituency and parliament offices to be provided and staffed by a Department of Administrative Affairs.

MPs personal employees to be restricted to two assistants for the Constituency and House.

3.32   Introduce procedural changes whereby the PM and government ministers must be the servants of the peoples representatives and must first introduce all legislation in the Commons, and be accountable to the Commons.

To enable this, the dispatch box will be moved to the bar and the Speaker will have an overreaching right to summons ministers.

Select Committees will have extended powers to enquire and report, with the ultimate mandate to introduce mini-Bills.

The election of committee chairmen/women to be beyond the control of government or parties.

 3.33   Make provision for the direct election of the Executive  Government.

 3.34   We will promote efficiency of government by simplifying processes and making information clearer and easier to obtain and understand.  We will reduce the cost of tax collection and administration; and promote tried systems over untried complex computer systems.

3.35   We will oppose the introduction of ID cards and the data base that supports them.  We will support enhanced and improved existing identity systems, such as NHS cards and NI cards.

3.36   We will propose a reduction in the number of government departments to a maximum of fourteen departments, with a corresponding reduction in the size of the Cabinet.  A full review of QUANGOs will be conducted.

3.37   We will ensure strict financial control of the Executive’s budget and cap public spending at 35% of Gross Domestic Product.  The Executive will be required to prepare a National Debt reduction plan and to submit it for the approval of the Commons.

3.38   We would promote a research and development programme to implement a reliable and effective anti nuclear-missile defence system; will cancel the Trident nuclear missile replacement programme, but pause development of submarine design at a point which would save money and enable transferability.  We would balance this with an expansion of a conventional vessel construction programme for the Royal Navy.

3.39   We would make a commitment to use Gibraltar as a permanent forward base for a naval task group; and review the amphibious and aircraft carrier fleet.  We would also propose a permanent RAF defence detachment and development of the airfield at Gibraltar.

3.40   We would prompt the Foreign Office to take a robust stance with Spain while ever their sovereignty claim over Gibraltar is pursued.  An extension of the territorial sea limit from three to twelve miles would be a priority.

3.41   We will demand a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and every subsequent EU Treaty.  In the event that the people reject the Lisbon Treaty we will demand a further Referendum on the future direction of the European Union.

We would campaign for a changed relationship based on sovereign states and the common good, pursuing a Culture of Life and Love, and founded on the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.

3.42   We will propose a review of the UKs involvement and work at the United Nations to ensure that the founding principles of the UN are being maintained and to remove any distortion and misinterpretation of Charters, Conventions and Declarations.

3.43   We will commit the UK to a consistent ethical foreign policy and fair trade agreements.

Revised November 2009


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