Anyone but Hillary

The outcome of the US presidential election will impact on the whole World.  After eight years of an Obama administration, which has been the most pro-abortion of all time with a corrupting presence at the United Nations and with a global reach for its errors, we cannot endure another eight years of a Clinton administration that will not only continue with Obama’s agenda but extend it.  Prior to 2008, and as Hillary campaigned against Obama for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, her stated position was that she wanted to make abortion rare.  Now, and after contesting socialist Bernie Sanders with his extreme pro-choice policy, she has adopted an even more extreme set of  anti-life and anti-family policies that know no boundaries.  Not only does she intend to make the US taxpayers pay for abortions on demand in the US, they will also be paying for abortions in foreign jurisdictions and in situations that trample over local cultures.  She supports third-term abortions up to and including partial-birth, dismemberment and the sale of body parts of the unborn who are aborted.  She is also committed to appointing pro-abortion judges to the US Supreme Court who will strike down any restrictions and safeguards legislated by the States following the democratic process.  This also applies to the LGBT agenda, with Same Sex Marriage, that is being aggressively promoted and progressed across the US, at the UN and especially in the third-world.  Faced with this prospect, even Donald Trump is a better alternative to become President than the ultra aggressive progressive that is Hillary Clinton.  There is an important point that the Republicans do not seem to be getting across to the American voters – that is ‘vote Clinton and get Soros’.

Hillary Clinton is on record as expressing her appreciation for George Soros, he is “more effective than most of our statesmen in propagating democracy, freedom and open society”.  In return he has declared his “great, great admiration” for her.  Of course he does because she is working to his agenda.  In return she is happy to take his money both directly and indirectly.  He has been assiduous in the way he has subverted the political process in the US.  He funded a campaign for reform of election campaign finance to stop unlimited third-party advertising and advocacy in favour of politicians and their parties.  On the face of it this was to create a level playing field.  Now it is a George Soros designed playing field.  Only official political parties would be allowed to express advocacy in the sixty day period prior to election day, with the exemption of the news-media reporting in the normal course of regular programming and news broadcasts.  Now George donates to political candidates and organisations who support tax payer funded abortion on demand.  He operates through ‘political action committees’ that are related to not-for-profit companies, and which he set up.  This gets around the funding restrictions and the advertising rules.

His motivation for this was to stop George Bush winning a second term as President in 2004.  He set up seven PACs to support the Democratic Party and was bitterly disappointed when Bush was re-elected.  Undeterred, these were reformed in to the Democracy Alliance to act as a shadow party for the Democrats in the 2008 election.  This was very effective in the role of attack-dog  to undermine the popularity of Sarah Palin, when she was adopted as McCain’s running partner.  They demonised Sarah and orchestrated a social-media campaign that has now been copied across the world and which we experienced in the UK referendum campaign.  This was the origins of ‘Project Fear’ and which is clearly evident in the 2016 election campaign.  His other key stroke in 2008 was to back Obama over Hillary Clinton, reasoning it was time for a Black President.  This nearly backfired when it surfaced that Obama was an illegitimate candidate.  Much time, resources and expenditure were focused on beating off the valid questions about Obama and getting the judiciary to block court cases leading up to the 2012 election.  Ironically these questions were first raised by the Clintons in 2008, but they were bought off by George with the promise of his support for Hillary in 2016.  He now reasons that it is time for a Woman President.  This tactic is blatant and intended to get voter support for the person, that disregards and covers up their deficiencies.  This time people know what is happening and it cannot compensate for Hillary’s deep unpopularity.  Vote for me because I am Black, or because I am a Woman is no longer good enough to get to the Whitehouse.

George is also particularly keen to dampen down opposition from Catholic voters to his abortion agenda.  It is no accident that Catholics have been funded directly by George.  Such as; John Podesta [Clinton Chief-of-Staff], Joe Biden [Vice-President], Tim Kaine [Hillary’s running partner] and Jon O’Brien [President of Catholics for Choice].  Some US Bishops have countered this by clearly informing their flocks this time (without naming and shaming) it is a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate, because abortion is a moral evil and never acceptable under any circumstance.  Clergy are reminding the laity, that those who die in a state of mortal sin descend to Hell.  It is also being pointed out that since abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court cases of child abuse, domestic violence and other forms of violence have sky-rocketed.  This is no coincidence.  This raises an issue about the Catholic Church as a whole, that it should speak out with a more unified and forceful voice against so called “Catholic” politicians who support abortion.  If Bishops have more concern to protect their not-for-profit and charitable status, with its tax advantages, then it is time to loose the shackles of that status.

Talking about Hell, attention is being drawn to Hillary’s Chicago links with Community Organiser, Saul David Alinsky, who has been described as a tool of Satan and the Devil.  This is another area where George is heavily involved in funding groups that support disadvantaged people living in distressed urban areas.  This is a political initiative that enables self-appointed Organisers to present themselves as champions of the people and thereby influence voting patterns, but they are acting as a shadow organisation for the Democratic Party.  George also funds Ellen Malcolm, the abortion rights activist and founder of EMILY’s List that provides start-up finance for aspiring female politicians – so long as they support and vote for abortion on demand.  So anyone funded by EMILY’s List is really funded by George Soros.  Hillary shares platforms with the pro-abortion organisations that George funds.  These include National Abortion Rights Action League – Pro-Choice America, Choice USA, National Abortion Federation, Centre for Reproductive Rights, and Planned Parenthood.  These organisations each have their own PACs that support Hillary.  In particular Hillary is joined at the hip with Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, they are one and the same; and PP is in effect an integral part of the Democratic Party.

In these circumstances it does not matter what Donald Trump’s other policies are.  He may be a late convert to the Pro-Life cause and he may be motivated by self-interest, but I believe he and his running partner Mike Pence [a born Catholic converted Evangelical] are sincere and will keep their promises to pass anti-abortion legislation and appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.

LifeNews have been extensively covering the 2016 election.  Here are some pertinent links >–partnered-with-planned-parenthood-to-expand-abortion-around-the-world/


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