Coir for Honesty

September 28, 2009

The first act of newly re-elected EC President Jose Manuel Barroso was to head to Limerick in the final week before the Referendum to boost the Yes campaign and at the same time announce various financial supports being made to Ireland. After the carrot he said he was not threatening that Ireland would lose a Commissioner if they voted No and would not speculate about what could happen afterwards. He criticised the leaflets distributed by the No campaigners and said much of the debate on the Treaty had been dishonest.

If he wanted an honest debate he could have specifically addressed the issues identified by the No campaigns, but he did not. Instead he drew attention to the increased role of national parliaments at the EU level. What this means is that previously sovereign parliaments have had their powers reduced by earlier treaties and are now to be given a procedure whereby they can “influence” decisions. They are not to play any part in the actual decision taking. What a come down. The Germans have taken steps to legislate so that their parliament will play a pivotal role in the process. With their highest voting strength and the enhanced participation of their elected representatives it will be a German dominated EU. Read the rest of this entry »


Paddy Power

September 26, 2009

Do you fancy a bet on the second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum? It would be a straight single bet on the result – either yes or no – a 50:50 situation. In last year’s referendum the result was 46.6:53.4 in favour of the No campaign. With Fianna Fail in disarray and leading the most unpopular government in Irish history the second vote should deliver a similar result. Simples!

Except, Paddy Power the bookmakers is offering odds of 1/25 on a Yes result and 8/1 on a No result. That means if you place a £10 bet on a Yes result you could win £0.40. Place a £10 bet on a No result and you could win £80.00. That seems pretty emphatic and the opinion polls, as publicised by the mainstream media and RTE, indicate a final vote of 59% for the Yes camp and 41 % for the No camp. These polls also show that the No vote is growing. A poll earlier in the month had 66:33 in favour of a Yes result.

However, the media is not reporting the result of an opinion poll conducted by Gael Poll that shows the exact reverse with 59% saying they will vote No. Coir reports that its door-step canvassers are experiencing a similar reaction as the voters are overcoming the fear factor engendered by the Yes campaigns. A Coir spokesman said, “Our experience is telling us that a No vote is not only possible, but likely. We’ve seen our volunteers double their efforts in the past fortnight and the canvass is turning don’t knows into solid No voters. But we won’t be resting until close of business on October 2nd. That’s the poll that counts.”

Before that becomes common knowledge, it might be profitable and worth a visit to your local Paddy Power establishment to take a punt on a No result.

Carrot and Stick to budge stubborn Irish donkey

September 25, 2009

The second Lisbon referendum is following the same pattern as last year. Opinion polls showed the Yes vote well ahead, but the gap is starting to narrow. As the issues get debated the voters minds are focused on the glaring inconsistencies in the Yes campaign arguments. Biffo Cowen, the Fianna Fail leader, is displaying his ignorance despite claims to have been reading the Treaty from cover to cover. When asked how the Treaty would impact on employment in Ireland, he prevaricated and waffled with generalisations. What he did not say was that employment in all EU countries would become a shared competence with the EC resulting in common policies. Enda Kenny, the Fine Gael leader, was also demonstrating his misconceptions. Asked about the effect of the proposed double qualified voting system, he explained that it would increase Irelands voting power when in fact it will reduce it down to 0.8% [increased – Germany 17% and UK, France & Italy 12%]. How can you have any trust in political leaders like that? But that is the main problem for the Yes campaign, they are not trusted.

Why is the outcome of the Second Irish Referendum so important for every single person in the European Union? The answer is that the Lisbon Treaty will confer statehood on the EU and like any state they need to adopt the trappings of a state such as; a foreign minister and diplomatic corps with EU embassies; a president of the European Union Council; and armed forces. Make no mistake these matters are already implemented or merely awaiting ratification of the Treaty. Naval forces off of Somalia are operating under and described as EU navy. The Irish Government has considered the purchase of a large multi-role vessel with the capacity to embark a contingent of the Irish Defence Force. This can only be for the purpose of participating in an EU security force. This proposal might have been delayed but it will happen. Read the rest of this entry »

Coir for Justice

September 18, 2009

Resurgence has sent a message of support to Coir [ ] the Vote No to Lisbon group attacked last month by Micheal Martin, the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the basis that they’re extreme because they are anti-abortion. He was speaking to an Ogra Fianna Fail conference last month when he accused anti-Lisbon Treaty groups of running cynical campaigns in an effort to distort the referendum debate. Coir was accused of being a front for Youth Defence [ ] the pro- family and anti-abortion group. He then said there was no place for organisations trying to hide their roles in the campaign and described Youth Defence as shadowy and extreme.

Coir dismissed his remarks as pathetic and an insult to those voters who had accepted their arguments in the first referendum campaign. They confirmed their support for the aims of Youth Defence in keeping Ireland abortion free.

There is nothing shadowy about Coir or their purpose. They stand for Justice, Sovereignty and Integrity. They share the same building with Youth Defence and Truth TV [ ]. They are respected and ran a highly successful campaign last time spelling out honestly the threat to unborn children and traditional families. Their poster campaign was acknowledged to be the best, hard-hitting and professional. It is the fact that they were successful that has resulted in Fianna Fail training their guns on them. Read the rest of this entry »

Deceit and Duplicity of EU Member States

September 12, 2009

The second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty takes place on the 2nd October and it will be a vote on exactly the same treaty as before. Not a single comma or full stop has been changed. Even the questions put to the voters have not altered. On the basis that the Irish Government has been given additional legal guarantees and assurances to address the concerns of the Irish people they will be asked to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

There is a huge question mark concerning the status of the ‘legal’ guarantees obtained by the Irish Government at the European Union Council meeting of leaders in June of this year. It is not just a matter of the legality of the guarantees; the sincerity of the Member States giving those guarantees must also be questioned.

This is of particular concern in so far as the Lisbon Treaty provides for the EU to adopt the Charter of Fundamental Rights and will give jurisdiction to the European Court of Justice in respect of the Charter. The implementation of the Charter is subject to misinterpretation and misapplication. Sexual and reproductive health rights are now deemed to provide a women’s right to abortion and contraception, and more so for minors without their parent’s consent or knowledge. The rights of the child override the rights of parents leading to the state having extra powers to remove children from their homes, sanction abortions for minors and usurp the role of parents. The right of parents to be the educators of their children, even if that means home schooling, is construed as child abuse. Read the rest of this entry »

Pop Con Movers and Shakers

September 11, 2009

Abortion and contraception are part of the Population Control agenda. The modern Pop’ Con’ movement was kick-started by the Northern European States following the Second World War. By 2007 the United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] was predominantly funded by those same States. The top ten donors provided 85.6% of their revenue. They are the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, together with Canada, Japan and Switzerland. With the exception of Japan they all have contraceptive prevalence rates above 70%; and all have an average fertility rate of 1.59, none near replacement fertility level.

Finland, Switzerland, Canada and Japan have recognised that their fertility rates are too low and are taking steps to correct them. The Russian Federation has also similarly reversed their policies. Most of the UNFPA money is spent in the non-white global south. This has been described as racist and neo-colonialism. Since 2002, the US Bush administration has withheld funding of $32m annually. The Obama administration has turned the tap back on. Read the rest of this entry »

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