A. Name

The name of our Organisation will be the CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY – also known and campaigning as Christian Democratic Resurgence  or such other descriptions registered with the Electoral Commission.

B. CDP Foundation Trust

1. The four founding Members and their duly appointed successors will comprise the CDP Foundation Trust.

2. Any vacancy arising within the Foundation Trust will be filled by the serving Trustees from within the membership.

3. The Foundation Trustees will act as the Conscience and Guardians of the Christian Democratic Party.

4. The Foundation Trustees will operate within the framework of the Mountain Saint Bernard Declaration.

5. Any proposed changes to this Constitution, and with particular reference to the core aims and values, shall be vetted by the Foundation Trustees to ensure compliance  with the Founding Principles.

6. The Foundation Trustees will have absolute power to exercise a veto.

7. Any dispute of whatever nature shall be referred to the Foundation Trustees for determination.

8. The Chairman of the CDP Foundation Trust will have a casting vote in addition to an ordinary vote.



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