The Strategy



We are consistent and unwavering.  Our strategy remains the same as before

We will have respect for life in all its forms, especially human life from conception to natural death.

Priority will be given to the right to be born – the basic and supreme right from which all other rights flow.

Be non-discriminatory, but rectify past errors by being pro-family, pro-woman, pro-child and reversing the ideological assault on men especially fathers.

Society needs a structure if it is to work.  To hold the shape of that structure together, so that organised society does not collapse, there needs to be a set of rules.  A fully functioning and cohesive society needs the structure of a law and order system, a set of boundaries that enable people to get on together without simply allowing some factions to take the thing to pieces.  Our Christian heritage left us with a moral legacy and we have let it slip through our fingers.  The people have a clear choice; continue along the path of subjective relativism or return to the path of objective truth.

In developing our manifesto our aim is to restore order.  We will work with nature and within a framework, which conforms with each seven year phase of life and acknowledges the natural law; go for organic growth and live in harmony with our environment.

Ensure that each person achieves their potential by removing the barriers and obstacles in their way, providing equality of opportunity and encouraging the pursuit of excellence.  While upholding the autonomy of the individual – the common good must be paramount.

We will maintain the inalienable, God given, rights of each person while requiring that they accept their responsibilities.

If we are going to put things right, the first task is to identify the problems and secondly to put forward proposals to fix those problems.  If it is a big and complex problem, we need to break the problem down in to its component parts and deal with them each in their turn and separately if necessary.  This will still require joined-up thinking.

When we have finished the process, we might not have solved the whole problem but it will be a lot smaller.

To manage the process we will use a tried system to Plan, Organise, Direct and Control in order to motivate, inform, instruct and administer.  The key to all this is communication.

In laying the foundations for the future we will adhere to the prime purpose of government, which is;

Security and stability.

Together with the six systems of community being;

  1. democracy,
  2. culture and conviviality,
  3. information and communication,
  4. education,
  5. health and social welfare,
  6. economic equity and opportunity.

This is a call for moral courage.

We seek to inspire and draw to our side the ablest and brightest people, the good, the imaginative and the visionary.

Our radical blend of innovation, progress and tradition is intended to motivate the young and the elderly to work together to restore inter-generational solidarity.

These are our promises and covenant with the citizens of the UK.

A Renewed Compact based on a programme of Hope and Charity.


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