Tentacles of Planned Parenthood

Ola.  If you go to Rio de Janeiro do not wear a flower in your hair, or flaunt an expensive wristwatch, or carry a Nikon camera.  It is asking for trouble, given high levels of poverty, so keep a low profile.  Don’t get me wrong, the Cariocas are friendly and welcoming usually speaking English, but it is best to stay on the beaten track where there is a police presence.  Our Lady of Aparecida is the national patroness and on her holy day it is a national celebration with the highway running the length of Copacabana Beach closed to traffic,  as the people flock to the beach and samba bands and dancers start practice in preparation for the Reveillon and the Carnaval  a few months later.  A block behind the Beach runs the commercial street – Avenue of Our Lady of Copacabana, serving the local population with prices that visitors cannot resist.  Of course a visit by funicular-railway to the top of Corcovado and the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer is essential, as is the cable-car to the top of the Sugarloaf.

It is everything you could anticipate but the contrasts are stark and in the favelas there is grinding poverty and poor public services, hence they are the breeding ground for the mossies that carry the zika virus.  People can get the virus and not know they have had it, but some pregnant mothers have given birth to babies with head deformities that restrict the size of the brain.  This need not be life threatening or life limiting, and the mother is in no danger, but according to International Planned Parenthood Federation all pregnant women in these areas need to have abortions regardless of their situation and religious belief, even if the majority of mothers have safe births with perfectly healthy babies.  They want to make abortion legal in Brazil .  This is a public health issue not an abortion issue.  But when the US Congress tried to pass legislation dealing with the public health aspect it was blocked by the Democrats because funding for abortions was not included.  They were acting at the behest of IPPF and EMILY’s List, who we know are funded by Soros and other ‘philanthropists’ who have a population control agenda.

My dictionary defines philanthropy as – love of mankind, benevolence, philanthropic (concerned with human welfare and the reduction of suffering) acts and principles.  It’s pretty clear, that means doing good.  But George Soros and his friends have a totally different idea.  This LifeNews link gives some idea of their links and the networks, and how they channel their money. >


It is plain to see, their agenda is to reduce populations in parts of the world they find threatening.  They also want to reduce certain racial groups within the US.  It explains why PP locate clinics in poor areas inhabited by Black and Latino people.  IPPF promote this worldwide.  They and EMILY’s List fund the campaigns of female Democratic Party candidates to every level of political office.  They also fund the election campaigns of state judges and district attorneys of both sexes.  In this way they have influence in every sphere of the political and judicial establishment, and call on their help whenever it is necessary, not least for federal and state funding.  And this goes right to the top in Washington at the Capitol and Whitehouse.

Challenge a DP supporter that his party is racist and xenophobic; he will deny it and say it is the Republican Party who are like that.  But they are because the DP is funded by PP who are, and they are funded by the population control philanthropists who are.  It is corrupting and corrosive of democracy.  PP also make awards to the media at lavish award ceremonies to keep their friends in broadcasting and the press on their side.  Their tentacles are everywhere and reach to the UK and Ireland.

Prior to the 2008 financial crisis the chief executives of the big banks were described as and considered themselves to be the Masters of the Universe.  They were brought down to Earth with a bump.  The dot.com billionaires and their rich speculator friends now believe they have the power to be the new Masters of the Universe.  They are due to get their comeuppance and this will happen when governments listen to their people and start protecting them from the free for all that is globalisation.

Postscript  The above post was written prior to the announcement of the result of the US presidential election.  With a Trump victory there is now hope for the future – that the unborn will now have a chance of life.  For that we thank God.  PP will be defunded and the States will be encouraged to tighten the restrictions on abortion clinics.  In the longer term with the appointment of pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, there is the prospect that Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton will be overturned.  The anti-life and the anti-family policies of the US at the United Nations will be reversed.  This is not just change, it is mammoth change.

But, a word of caution.  George Soros and his friends will not go away and they will be getting together to reorganise.


One Response to Tentacles of Planned Parenthood

  1. Ericl says:

    When will the social engineers learn the wisdom of the old adage, “abusus non tollit usum” [rights abused are still rights] – the possibility of abuse or things going wrong should not lead to a ban. Trump may have a wiser, deeper agenda that will please many. He already sounds completely different. George Bush refused to vote for him!!!

    ED As with most Latin phrases they are subject to variations on translation. In the above case another literal translation is ‘misuse does not remove use’, meaning that the misuse of something does not eliminate the possibility of its correct use.

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