All-Ireland Rally for Life : Save the Eighth Amendment

June 17, 2017

ind_virgenThe Eleventh annual All-Ireland Rally for Life will be held in Dublin this year, on Saturday, 1st July, with the numbers attending expected to increase in the face of extreme pressure from the abortion lobby who are pushing hard for the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution [which provides equal protection for mother and unborn child] to be repealed.  The CDP continues to support the Rally and stand in solidarity with all the pro-life groups – North and South.

This year they are closer than ever to seeing that abortion on demand is legalised following the outcomes from the Citizens Assembly considering constitutional reform in the Republic and in the North with the Alliance Party’s David Ford repeatedly tabling abortion bills in the Assembly.  With the selection of Leo Varadkar as Leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach, their overriding priority seems to be holding a Referendum on the Eighth Amendment in 2018.  Much of this pressure is being orchestrated by external forces, including the United Nations.

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Precious Life in Northern Ireland are formidable defenders of the pre-born, week after week maintaining their outreach presence outside the abortion referral agencies and conducting street information sessions.  In collaboration with Stanton Healthcare at the Women’s Healthcare Centre they provide alternative care and help services for pregnant mothers at no cost.  Their off-shoot, Youth for Life, is active across the Province.

They will be crossing the border in force to join with their partners, the Life Institute and Youth Defence in the Republic.  Then from 12th – 22nd July,  Youth Defence will go on its annual circuit of Ireland as it spreads the pro-life message about the coming Referendum.

Irish politicians are able to enable the Referendum and set out its terms, but it is the people who will decide.  All the indications are that there is no popular demand for any referendum, and their is no popular desire to make any alterations to the Eighth Amendment.  The mainstream news media and the liberal left and progressive politicians have whipped up this concoction with no substance.  The months and years of direct pro-life contact with voters, that bypasses the media, will bear fruits come the Referendum.  The continuing aim is to celebrate life and the message of life; to raise awareness of the hurt and damage that abortion causes to women, families and society; to unite all the pro-life groups; and to bring an end to abortion.

We are all part of a massive worldwide movement that is unstoppable.  The changes taking place in the United States are an inspiration to us.  The Pro-Life Generation will prevail.

We all stand together to Celebrate Life -abortion is never the answer.  The Rally for Life is always a great day so spread the word – be there or be square!

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Of Mice and Men and May

June 15, 2017

To quote from Robert Burns poem of 1785 to a Mouse – “But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane, In proving foresight may be vain; The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!”  In plain English – you are not alone in proving foresight vain as best laid schemes often go askew, leaving grief and pain instead of joy.  To that we can now add the plans of May in calling a snap general election, before completing the exit from the European Union and completing the full fixed five year term of Parliament.

TM has self-destructed and her image as a statesman lies in tatters at the mercy of her party and the men in grey suites.  Her action has proved to be without doubt extremely irresponsible, after proving that she cannot be trusted.  She survives because there is no real alternative.  Her action was all about strengthening her position within the Conservative Parliamentary Party, but she has achieved the opposite and she has put Brexit at risk.  Federalist European politicians are mocking her and the UK as they offer to let the UK remain in the EU at a price.  They will regret that derisory attitude, because the Dunkirk spirit will prevail.  UK citizens will close ranks and form squares to defend their decision to leave the EU; even as the Conservative Party, in their turn, are torn apart themselves.

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Dis May

June 3, 2017

In April, when Theresa May came out of the door of No. 10 to announce to the news media assembled in Downing Street that she was calling a snap general election, there was a general feeling of surprise and I am sure that I was not the only one with a feeling of discouragement.  Surprise because she had vowed to complete the exit from the European Union and complete the full fixed five year term of the Parliament.  Discouraged because she was behaving like every other opportunistic politician taking advantage of a perceived advantage in the opinion polls and the disarray of the opposition parties.  Of course it needed an enhanced majority of the Commons to approve the move and it could easily have been blocked, but only thirteen MPs voted against bringing the Parliament to an end.  That is what you get in a Parliamentary Democracy.  In a Peoples Direct Democracy no political party would be able to gain a self-serving advantage by choosing the time of an election and the duration of the election campaign.

TM has sought to portray herself as a statesman above mere party considerations.  None of the reasons she has offered to justify her decision has stood up to scrutiny.  Last year we raised the question of honesty and integrity and stated it was too early to judge her and only time will tell.  Well now we know.  She cannot be trusted.

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