The craic was good in Telfs-Buchen

Outspoken Michael O’Leary {your man from Mullingar} was invited for the first time to attend the annual Bilderberg Group meeting held at the Inter Alpen Hotel in Austria from 11th to 14th June.  His loud, direct and unconventional views are consistent with his cattle-dealer approach to business and are likely to have resulted in some lively debate with the other 132 attendees.  He is not known for having much concern for rules, so there is a possibility that we might get an inkling of what was actually discussed at this normally secretive gathering.  As usual the meeting was held in an isolated location with tight security.  The secrecy surrounding the Group results in accusations of a conspiracy by transatlantic capitalists plotting the New World Order.  If the NWO is to be based on the Ryanair model of business we are all in trouble.  This is not really credible, but by inviting O’Leary the Group may hope to defuse the public perception of their activities.  Michael was probably just there for the craic.

Why should this be of concern to us?  If this really is an unaccountable cabal in a sinister conspiracy for world domination it would be a threat to our aim of economic equity and opportunity, and contrary to the common good.  Chatham House Rules apply to their meetings, so we will probably be non the wiser, but there is a way that we could find out what this ultra-secretive group are all about.  Chancellor George Osborne, who was also in attendance, could be requested to appear before a House of Commons Select Committee and asked to spill the beans.

The first meeting took place in 1954, was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands and was co-founded by Prince Bernhard who has been succeeded by his daughter Princess Beatrix.  The aim of the meeting was to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.  There is no detailed agenda, resolutions or votes.  Bilderberg administrators say that because of the private nature of the meetings, the invitees are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions; and as such they can take time to listen, reflect and gather insights.  The cost of holding the meeting is met by the host country.  This suggests that participants are attending in a personal capacity and in the case of politicians at no cost to the public.  This is highly unlikely in the case of government ministers and should not be used as an excuse to avoid scrutiny by MPs.

The invitees are deemed to be people who ‘have arrived’, have influence and have their hands on the levers of power.  Once they have attended they remain members of the Group for the rest of their life.  Henry Kissinger, who attended his first meeting in the 1950s, was present this year along with David Petraeus, the disgraced and retired US General and former CIA Director.  George Osborne was attending for the third time with Ed Balls, who might have become the Chancellor when the invitations were sent.  We know who attended and what subjects they discussed because since 2013 this limited information has been volunteered by the Group administrators.  33 were from the US and 5 were from Canada.  The rest were from Europe, except for 7 from Turkey and 1 from Russia.

The sectors that the attendees come from might give some clue to the focus of the Group.  The biggest sector was finance with 31 invitees, including Marcus Agius who we are acquainted with because of his involvement with Barclays Bank and the British Bankers Association at the time of the Libor scandal.  The next biggest sector was politics at 21 plus government at 5.  Industry/transport and the media sectors had 18 attendees each.  Think tank/lobbying and academia had 14 attendees each.  The also-rans comprised law with 4, real estate 1 and royalty (Princess Beatrix) 1.  Women were 27 in total compared with 106 men.  Among the women were the Chairman of Santander Bank, the Chairman of the BBC Trust and the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist.

Did they discuss the common good?  Well not specifically  Artificial intelligence, cyber security, chemical weapons threat and terrorism were topics.  Areas for special consideration were Russia, Greece, Iran, Middle East, UK and the USA.  Why was the US elections discussed?  Also on the agenda was NATO, European strategy, globalisation and current economic issues.  It looks like they were trying to put the world to right, much like you might do this weekend at your local pub or we attempt at a CDP general meeting.  The only difference is that the Bilderberg Group can make a difference.



One Response to The craic was good in Telfs-Buchen

  1. Richard says:

    I only heard of the Bilderberg Group about two or three years ago.
    It immediately reminded me of the X-files, TV programme.

    One of the recurring characters was known as “the cigarette smoking man”. It was revealed much later that, of course,he did indeed have a name but he was very much a behind the scenes controller. It was often only clear that he was around because of the very distinctive brand of cigarettes that he smoked.
    If he gave an order the FBI would act on it. He was one of a small but powerful world wide group whose task was basically to prevent the world discovering the existence of aliens on earth.
    I rather suspect that the group’s task had been given to it by the Bilderberg group. Not necessarily the whole of the Bilderberg group but of sub groups that will always exist in such organisations. The instruction would be “Stop the world finding out about aliens”. “No restrictions. Do what you need to”. “But stay behind the scenes and admit nothing”.

    Back to real life. It is clear that there is a very evil and very powerful force behind the plot to destroy traditional/ real Christianity. To destroy the traditional family. To force abortion on countries that haven’t even asked for it, and to push Genetic Engineering, not least the three parent baby issue as approved by Parliament earlier this year

    This is not a popular uprising. This is coming from a small group somewhere who are able to get the “right people” in the right place and are able to con normal people into believing this insane and evil view.

    Even a number of liberal writers admit that this is the case. Spiked Magazine is one organisation that clearly sees that their fellow liberals are not that liberal. It’s editor Brendan O’Neill wrote an excellent article on how “gay marriage” and the support for it has spread.

    It was Nelson Mandela’s government who after bullying some of its own MPs introduced very free abortion into South Africa and that same country whilst Mandela was doing some “back seat driving” was one of the first to introduce “gay marriage”. And yet criticise him and the whole force of the liberal world will come down on you. And not only of course the liberal world but all those, and there are many who would be horrified if they knew his full story, who have been convinced by the liberals that we all ought to proclaim him “Saint Nelson”.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the Bilderberg Group is in some way responsible for the spread of “gay marriage”. It’s not just the fact that it is becoming legal throughout the world but the fact that populations, not just in Ireland have been brainwashed to approve it. Or at least Europe and America, the home of the Bilderberg Group. Like everyone else other than those who are directly involved, I don’t know whether it’s coming from the whole group or some self appointed sub-group. But only an organisation with massive worldwide power could be behind this.

    As you say, the Bilderberg group is in a position “to make a difference”.

    The blurb on the back of my copy of Huxley’s Brave New World says

    “Far in the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing, and recreational sex and drugs, all its members are happy consumers”.

    But how far is far into the future?

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