Spring Bodget 2017

March 15, 2017

Having studied the Treasury Red Book and carefully considering the Chancellor’s presentation of the Budget to the Commons, the word that springs to mind is – bodge.  The definition of which is – to repair or adjust in a false or clumsy way,  that is not as good as it should be, making it look good for a day or two before it collapses; or simply to put a square peg in a round hole.  This perfectly sums up the Budget and Philip Hammond.  We became resigned to his predecessor’s style of presentation over substance and lack of attention to detail, which invariably resulted in every one of his budgets unravelling within a short space of time.  While acknowledging the fundamental soundness of George Osborne’s strategy to eliminate the annual Budget deficit and then start to reduce the National Debt, there is no doubt that his tactics were questionable and he kept missing his target.  He was so consistent in this respect that I did not even comment on his 2016 Budget as it contained a number of ticking time-bombs, the latest of which is set to explode in April with the new rates for Vehicle Excise Duty that undermine the Government’s climate strategy.  With Chris Grayling warning motorists to think very carefully before buying a diesel car, and the implication of coming penalties and taxes on them, whatever was Hammond thinking of by pressing ahead with the new VED instead of announcing a review in his first Autumn Statement?

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Biased Broadcasting Corporation

February 23, 2017

That the BBC is biased and is not impartial as required by its Charter is self-evident and incontrovertible.  This did not stop the renewal of its Royal Charter and Framework Agreement this year.  It does not matter who is in charge be it Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg, or now May.  They all complain about the BBC being unfair to them, but the reality is they all share the same liberal perspective of the BBC.  This is the only logical reason for the Charter being renewed without reform.  Added to which there is a regular interchange and job switching between their political parties and the higher echelons of the BBC.  The Government tinkers about with the governance and management of the BBC but does nothing to enforce standards for fear of accusations of interfering with the independence of the BBC and the freedom of the Press.  The BBC is quite adept at manipulating this predicament to achieve its own ends.  In so far as the public are concerned they can complain as much as they like, it will get them nowhere.  The BBC complaints procedure is not designed to acknowledge and resolve any complaint, only to manage it and suppress it before it goes any further.  Very rarely is a complaint acknowledged and rectified with an apology and a correction.  This is usually achieved by using external pressure and publicity.  Last year the BBC wrongly accused the Catholic Church of silence about the Holocaust.  Six months later their internal watchdog found the report to be unfair.  Their sanction was to notify the news team responsible so that any future coverage might reflect historical understanding more closely.  That is not even a slap on the hand.  Although it took the involvement of Lord Alton to get that much.  There was no apology or announcement of a correction, and no investigation as to why the news team made that erroneous assertion.  It did reveal a strand of anti-Catholic sentiment within the BBC.  Go to > http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2016/12/09/bbc-admits-it-underestimated-the-churchs-opposition-to-hitler/

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Norma McCorvey R.I.P.

February 19, 2017

Norma McCorvey died yesterday (18th February) at the age of 69.  This is a sad loss and at such an early age she still had much to contribute to the Pro-Life Movement.  She had inside knowledge of the abortion industry and like most converts became more pro-life than cradle-pro-lifers.  She was a born-again Christian who in due course converted to the Catholic Church.  She had personally tried to overturn the US Supreme Court judgement – Roe v Wade – but was unsuccessful.  The significance of this, as we know, is that she was the Jane Roe in that lawsuit.  She did not get the same mainstream news media coverage under her given name, compared to the notoriety of her court name.  Her pro-life views and efforts, although widely known by us, were largely ignored by the pro-abortion news media and suppressed by pro-abortion groups.  Only now with her death are the real facts being given a higher profile in the news media, albeit with spin, and the truth reaching a wider audience.  In her death she is still fighting the good fight.

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord; and let perpetual light shine on her.  May she rest in peace.  Amen.

Please go to this more comprehensive obituary at > http://www.lifenews.com/2017/02/18/norma-mccorvey-jane-roe-of-roe-v-wade-passes-away-she-never-had-an-abortion-and-became-pro-life/

Then compare this with the BBC online news report at > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39016181

The original report was briefer and more in the style of an obituary.  Within a short period of time it had been greatly expanded and included parts of previous reports pertaining to the abortion debate during the US Presidential election.  The BBC will claim that this was to achieve balance and they were being impartial.  However, obituaries do not have to be balanced.  The BBC cannot miss any chance to air its pro-abortion agenda.  Is this just a different perception or is it news media spin?  On the face of it this report is balanced, but it is the subtle references that the ill-informed just accept as fact, when the truth is somewhat different.

The BBC report, “McCorvey first filed the case in 1969.  She was pregnant with her third child and said she had been raped.  But the case was rejected and she was forced to give birth.”  In this example of spin, it is the statement ‘she was forced to give birth’.  In fact she did not want an abortion in the first place.  She did want a divorce, but was in a vulnerable position and was taken advantage of by an activist lawyer.  She was not raped and not forced to give birth.  As she later confirmed, this case was fabricated on the basis of lies.  Since then more than 50 million babies have been aborted in the US.  A crime against humanity, but that is not how the BBC sees it.

Post Script an additional comment and reflection on Norma > http://www.lifenews.com/2017/02/20/roe-v-wade-attorney-sarah-weddingtons-shocking-answer-when-asked-whatever-happened-to-roe/

American Bulldog

February 10, 2017

You heard it here first; Donald Trump is an American Bulldog.  He may not even realise it himself, but he has all the characteristics of that breed.  The Australian Prime Minister found this out when speaking to the new President on the telephone for the first time.  Given Australia’s strict immigration rules it was hardly courteous, diplomatic or good sense to lecture DT about his Executive Order reinstating a temporary travel ban before tightening up the procedures for entry to the US.  He got short shrift when DT reportedly put the phone down on him.  The PM retired with his tail between his legs.  The rat-pack press corps at the White House have also been savaged and put on notice that they will not be allowed to challenge and undermine the democratic legitimacy of the new Administration.  One of DT’s first acts by Presidential Memorandum  was to reinstate Ronald Reagan’s ‘Mexico City Policy’ that prevents US taxpayers money being spent on carrying out and promoting abortions in foreign jurisdictions.  The liberal progressives of the rat-pack press immediately attacked the move.  Was DT bothered?  Not a bit, as he sent out the White House Press Secretary to admonish them and put the whelps in their place.  Sean Spicer was uncompromising, asking why were they howling when DT had campaigned on that promise and the electorate had backed it?  Going further he made clear that DT was a Pro-Life President who was leading a Pro-Life Administration.  It was for that reason that 52% of Catholic and 81% of Evangelical voters carried DT and his pro-life campaign team over the finishing and winning line.  And it is for that reason that I am fine with the new President and his Vice-President, Mike Pence, and happy that they defeated pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.  I will judge them on what they do during their term of office and not on anything that they may have done previously.

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Monkey Business

January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, as we thankfully leave the Year of the Monkey behind and start the Year of the Rooster.  People in the West have been bemused and disturbed about the shenanigans surrounding the Referendum to leave the EU and the US Presidential Election.  While in the Far East there was no surprise at the amount of deceit, mischief and trickery that occurred last year, because after all that is what monkeys get up to and it was extreme because according to their calendar they are in the fire phase.  Anyone who has encountered monkeys in the wild (such as in Gibraltar) know they are agile, curious, intelligent, quick-witted and sociable.  They are also deceptive, selfish, reckless and restless – especially when they group together in clans and gangs.  They are little beggars and friendly when getting fed titbits, but become aggressive when refused and have a nasty bite.  They have no fear of humans and venture down from the Rock in to the City centre is search of savouries, which they prefer to the raw fruit and vegetables that are provided for them by the wardens.  You will also encounter them on the balcony of your hotel room as they forage widely, usually by themselves.  They are a real danger when they group and like any tribe have territorial disputes and fight each other.  So to them humans are just another tribe or troop entering their domain.  This is perfectly demonstrated at the top of the Rock.  They have come to associate plastic bags with food, so carrying a bag makes you a target.  You will be mugged for sure as they work together to distract you, while their leader snatches the bag.  They are also known to pick pockets and rummage in handbags.  They will also pounce before you are aware of their presence.  A favourite trick is to leap on to the roof of the cable-car as it nears the top, and then jump down as you step on to the platform.

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May you experience God’s love during every day of the Christmas Season

December 25, 2016

May the gift that Christmas is bless you with peace and happiness, continuing throughout the New Year.

Happiness is not to be equated with consumerism and materialism, especially when this leads to personal debt.  Leading up to 2007 greed and self-indulgent behaviour resulted in a financial and economic crisis starting in 2008.  That crisis is ongoing because the institutions and population have not taken heed of the warning and changed their behaviour.  We are dominated by a culture of celebrity, commercialisation and reward that is self-serving and narcissistic.  This culture undermines our society and is the exact opposite of the Culture of Life, Moderation and Modesty, based on enduring and traditional truths and values, that we hope to achieve through a Christian Democratic Resurgence by promoting and serving the Common Good.

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Planned Parenthood on the run

December 18, 2016

Our prayers are being answered.  On 13th December the US Senate Judiciary Committee issued a report confirming that Planned Parenthood Federation of America  and their business partners sold aborted baby body parts for profit.  PPFA together with four PP affiliates in California and three fetal tissue trading companies have been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.  PPFA is accused of criminal conspiracy by covering up violations of their own guidelines.

David Daleiden, Project Leader for the Center for Medical Progress, said “The wheels of justice are going to turn against PP and their corrupt abortion empire.  The fact is, the more the details and evidence come to light, the more they show that PP is guilty.  I am thrilled that our own videos were able to set official investigations in motion eighteen months ago that will now make PP accountable under the law to the American people.”

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