Brexit and the Border

So much for the concept that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” as the Brussels Eurocrats blow with the wind.  They are now demanding the December Agreement be framed in a legal binding format before talks can commence on the next phase of Article 50.  Following the 2016 Referendum we warned that they were making the rules up as they went along and so it has proved.  The pity is that May’s Government has allowed them to dictate the whole process in a desperate attempt to get a bespoke trade deal.  Following the 2017 General Election, and her fall from grace, we again warned that she had put Brexit in jeopardy.  Man does not live by trade alone, there are other things that are much more important.  Unfortunately the political class, who are using every trick to undermine the Referendum result, continue to sow the seeds of confusion.  Apparently we did not know what we were voting for in the Heinz Referendum.  According to them there are fifty-seven varieties of Brexit and we must have another referendum to decide which one we want.  We are being nudged towards a second referendum, just as we predicted.

Issues relating to the Irish land border continue to dominate proceedings.  Brussels has endorsed the continuation of the British & Irish Common Travel Area, and in so doing has granted free-movement when it will be denied to the other twenty-six EU countries.  So, they have made an exception.  Why cannot they go the whole hog and acknowledge the reality of an all embracing relationship with the granting of a special and unique status for the Republic of Ireland?  In effect that means butting out and letting Belfast, Dublin and London hammer out a practical solution.

It is always good to see things from the other side.  This article on the RTE website is recommended reading as it really gets down to the nitty-gritty. great-reckoning/


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