Rally for Life brings Dublin gridlock

This year the Rally and March was clearly focused on the campaign to win the upcoming referendum that will propose the rewording of the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution.  This will effectively legalise the provision of abortion to an extent that will make abortion in the UK look moderate by comparison.  The push by politicians and the extreme-left, cheered on by the news-media, has a momentum that appears unstoppable as it is supported by external forces.  It is an effort that will fail because there is no substance to their superficial and irrational premise that totally ignores the humanity of the pre-born child.  The massive turn-out on 1st July is indicative that the defenders of the 8th Amendment are active and organised, building on the work of the last few months, and most important are growing in number in every part of Ireland.

The significance for us is that the abortion campaign must be stopped in its tracks in the South, in order to ensure that the North remains free from abortion.  This will also impact on Great Britain to stifle the attempts to decriminalise abortion, raising the morale of pro-lifers and demoralising the pro-abortion agitators.  It will also bring hope to those countries across the world who are currently under pressure to conform with an extreme population control agenda that sees abortion as contraception.  Taken together with the changed situation in the US, and by extension the changed dynamic at the UN, we can be near to seeing the high-tide of the anti-life population-control agenda.

You had to be present at the Rally to experience the determination of those present to be inspired, to go home and campaign in their communities, and to make sure that their neighbours know the facts and vote.  They have the experience and have proved before their ability to win a referendum.  Coir has twice defeated EU referenda, with Declan Ganley of Libertas present and aiming to repeat his successes.  This, together with the presence of new pro-life party Renua and the Republicans for Life, demonstrates a wide-ranging alliance that can by-pass the media and connect with ordinary people.  The pro-abortion campaign will find it very difficult to overcome the natural instinct of the Irish people to defend the most vulnerable.  They will then resort to deception and lies.

Their main worry is the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland next year and the boost this will give the Campaign to Save the 8th.  The coalition government of Fine Gael and the Alliance of Independents are breaking all precedents to hasten the holding of the referendum before that takes place.  The joint Oireachtas Committee considering the report from the Citizens Assembly is heavily weighted with pro-abortion TDs and Senators, and inviting contributions from experts who favour abortion.  Even before the Committee reports to the Dail, preparations are being expedited to speed the holding of the referendum.  New Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, shows no will to ensure compliance with normal parliamentary procedures.  In fact, his whole approach and disregard for the views of Fine Gael members and supporters bodes ill; with further defections to Renua and the terminal decline of his party.

In terms of the political situation, we have advised Renua of our support and wished them every success.  It was also evident at the Rally that many Catholics in the North have abandoned the nationalist parties and are starting to support the Democratic Unionist Party, who are now the only pro-life option.  While pro-lifers are tolerated in the SDLP, they are now made to toe-the-line with the pro-abortion policies of Sinn Fein.

For the first time RTE gave a fair report of events, while the print-media continues to ignore or downplay the level of support.  The BBC also ignored the Rally and March, preferring to report a much smaller demonstration in Belfast seeking same sex marriage.  For further information and news about the Rally see –





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