All-Ireland Rally for Life : Save the Eighth Amendment

ind_virgenThe Eleventh annual All-Ireland Rally for Life will be held in Dublin this year, on Saturday, 1st July, with the numbers attending expected to increase in the face of extreme pressure from the abortion lobby who are pushing hard for the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution [which provides equal protection for mother and unborn child] to be repealed.  The CDP continues to support the Rally and stand in solidarity with all the pro-life groups – North and South.

This year they are closer than ever to seeing that abortion on demand is legalised following the outcomes from the Citizens Assembly considering constitutional reform in the Republic and in the North with the Alliance Party’s David Ford repeatedly tabling abortion bills in the Assembly.  With the selection of Leo Varadkar as Leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach, their overriding priority seems to be holding a Referendum on the Eighth Amendment in 2018.  Much of this pressure is being orchestrated by external forces, including the United Nations.

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Precious Life in Northern Ireland are formidable defenders of the pre-born, week after week maintaining their outreach presence outside the abortion referral agencies and conducting street information sessions.  In collaboration with Stanton Healthcare at the Women’s Healthcare Centre they provide alternative care and help services for pregnant mothers at no cost.  Their off-shoot, Youth for Life, is active across the Province.

They will be crossing the border in force to join with their partners, the Life Institute and Youth Defence in the Republic.  Then from 12th – 22nd July,  Youth Defence will go on its annual circuit of Ireland as it spreads the pro-life message about the coming Referendum.

Irish politicians are able to enable the Referendum and set out its terms, but it is the people who will decide.  All the indications are that there is no popular demand for any referendum, and their is no popular desire to make any alterations to the Eighth Amendment.  The mainstream news media and the liberal left and progressive politicians have whipped up this concoction with no substance.  The months and years of direct pro-life contact with voters, that bypasses the media, will bear fruits come the Referendum.  The continuing aim is to celebrate life and the message of life; to raise awareness of the hurt and damage that abortion causes to women, families and society; to unite all the pro-life groups; and to bring an end to abortion.

We are all part of a massive worldwide movement that is unstoppable.  The changes taking place in the United States are an inspiration to us.  The Pro-Life Generation will prevail.

We all stand together to Celebrate Life -abortion is never the answer.  The Rally for Life is always a great day so spread the word – be there or be square!

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