American Bulldog

You heard it here first; Donald Trump is an American Bulldog.  He may not even realise it himself, but he has all the characteristics of that breed.  The Australian Prime Minister found this out when speaking to the new President on the telephone for the first time.  Given Australia’s strict immigration rules it was hardly courteous, diplomatic or good sense to lecture DT about his Executive Order reinstating a temporary travel ban before tightening up the procedures for entry to the US.  He got short shrift when DT reportedly put the phone down on him.  The PM retired with his tail between his legs.  The rat-pack press corps at the White House have also been savaged and put on notice that they will not be allowed to challenge and undermine the democratic legitimacy of the new Administration.  One of DT’s first acts by Presidential Memorandum  was to reinstate Ronald Reagan’s ‘Mexico City Policy’ that prevents US taxpayers money being spent on carrying out and promoting abortions in foreign jurisdictions.  The liberal progressives of the rat-pack press immediately attacked the move.  Was DT bothered?  Not a bit, as he sent out the White House Press Secretary to admonish them and put the whelps in their place.  Sean Spicer was uncompromising, asking why were they howling when DT had campaigned on that promise and the electorate had backed it?  Going further he made clear that DT was a Pro-Life President who was leading a Pro-Life Administration.  It was for that reason that 52% of Catholic and 81% of Evangelical voters carried DT and his pro-life campaign team over the finishing and winning line.  And it is for that reason that I am fine with the new President and his Vice-President, Mike Pence, and happy that they defeated pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.  I will judge them on what they do during their term of office and not on anything that they may have done previously.

DT recruited many prominent pro-life advocates on to his campaign team as he battled the Republican Party establishment to gain the Party nomination and then fight and defeat the Democratic Party.  Every US Pro-Life organisation boarded the band-wagon that included those who espouse traditional values and see the family as the bedrock on which a just society can thrive and prosper.  You would not have known that if you only relied on the BBC or mainstream news-media.  A properly functioning democracy requires a broad-based and factual news service to provide authentic, impartial and reliable information, and then communicate it as widely as possible.  In the West we have a dysfunctional news-media that is biased.  We are now in the position that it is necessary to access alternative news sources, such as Aljazeera and Russia Today News, in order to find coverage that the BBC and others are deliberately ignoring or to get a different perspective of major events.  LifeNews and the other pro-life websites listed in our Essential Links are just that, essential to finding out what pro-life groups are doing in defence of the unborn and what the pro-abortion groups and politicians are getting up to.

The fact of the matter is, the BBC is now a threat to our democracy and society as it pursues its agenda of “liberal democratic western values” that are at odds with the common sense of ordinary British citizens.  The same applies in the US where all the main communications channels [except for what the BBC describe as “pro-Trump Fox News”] are disconnected from “the deplorables” [labelled by Hillary Clinton] who voted for DT.  The BBC, ABC and all the others are continuing to fight the UK Referendum and the US Election, and acting as cheerleaders for the aggressive progressives who are misleading and manipulating gullible remoaners and losers to protest on the streets of cities worldwide, often in a violent manner.  The more they do this the more it convinces those, who voted to leave the EU and voted for Donald Trump, that they were right to challenge the elite establishments.  As it becomes ever more clear that Project Fear was a fraud, both in the UK and US, the more it convinces the undecided voters who they should support and vote for in the future.  It is evident that we are now all being lumped together as a new anti-globalisation axis-of-evil that they call ‘popularism and protectionism’.

This tactic by the ‘puppet masters’ is part of a strategy to claw back their position of influence and power.  Apparently Hillary Clinton is planning a comeback since the donations to the Clinton Foundation have dried up and staff have been laid off from their Global Initiative.  With no prospect of power, there is no payback for donors.  She should forget it and retire gracefully.  The reason she lost was that over six million voters who supported Obama would not support her, because she was detested and could not be trusted.  At the same time over three million people who do not usually vote, because politicians do not keep their election promises, went to the polling stations to support DT.  It is as simple as that.  The Sisterhood are dumfounded that women, especially white women, did not vote for a woman and against sexism.  Those women decided that their priority was to bring an end to abortion in the US  and if the Democratic Party continues to be yoked with Planned Parenthood they have no future.  Vote for me because I am a woman, or vote for me because I am black does not work anymore.  Authenticity is the way forward.  The Democrats have yet to learn that lesson as they are in denial.  In three years from now they will double-down with a black and woman candidate (perhaps Michelle Obama, except that she is now part of the establishment and nobody wanted Bill Clinton back in the Whitehouse).  The writing was on the wall for Hillary in the week before polling day.  Their private polling informed them of the coming defeat and they cancelled the planned celebratory fireworks display.   Meanwhile, DT’s approval ratings are going up and he looks set for a second term in order to get the job done.  He has shown that he will keep his promises and be loyal to his supporters and they will in return be loyal to him.  It’s a dog thing.

The American Bulldog has evolved from the British Bulldog that was brought over from England to the Colonies by settlers.  In England it was a working dog, also used for bull-baiting.  It was ideal, with a stocky body, massive head and jaws, being ferocious and savage, light boned and athletic.  In 1835 baiting was banned and they were no longer bred for sport or as a working dog.  In England it evolved and lost some mobility, but was still a good guard dog.  They are courageous and as family pets develop strong bonds with children.  The American Bulldog is a utility dog, its face is not as flat as its British cousin, but in common it is a good guard dog.  As a working dog it was used by farmers and ranchers.  It expanded in to the Southern States due to a problem with feral pigs and they were the only way to deal with them.  They are as a result athletic and vigorous, confident and social, with a highly emotional personality.  Young dogs are aloof with strangers, but normal confidence surfaces as they mature.  They tolerate children if socialised early and are at ease with their families.  The American and British breeds are distinctive, with some common features.

It is no surprise that Donald Trump is an admirer of Winston Spencer-Churchill and has returned Winston’s bust to the Oval Office.  In the above descriptions you will now be able to discern the characteristics applicable to both DT and WSC and also the distinct differences from either side of the Atlantic.  It was Russia that first described Winston as a British Bulldog.  So Vladimir beware, you will be dealing with an American Bulldog.

There are other similarities.  Winston became Prime Minister at the age of 65 in 1940 at a time of crisis.  It is widely acknowledged that he was the right man, in the right job, at the right time.  He assumed leadership at an age when others only thoughts were of retiring.  He did not retire from  high office and politics until shortly before his death in 1965.  At the age of 70 what has motivated Donald to fight a bruising election campaign in order to be elected as the oldest person to enter office as President?  The energy that was required would be beyond most people, and the prospect of eight gruelling years ahead is daunting.  He does believe that the US is in crisis and of the need to “drain the swamp”.  History will prove that he was the right man, in the right job, at the right time.

DT is a loose cannon; as much a threat to the Republican establishment as he is to the Democratic Party.  To describe him as a maverick is no over statement and this is something he shares with WSC.  Winston switched (or as he described it “ratted”) from the Conservatives to the Liberals and back again.  He was regularly at odds with the Party establishment.  Donald has been in the Democratic and the Reform parties, before settling on the Republican Party like a cuckoo.  In truth they are/were true Independents who connect with people; Donald with his tweets and Winston with his writing.  Oh, and there is another similarity.  They were both born in the Year of the Dog.

Dogs are mans best friend, understand the human spirit and obey their masters.  The Chinese consider the dog an auspicious animal – if one comes to your house it symbolises the coming of fortune.  They also believe that people will be well rewarded if they place their trust in Leaders born in the Year of the Dog.  Indeed, they believe that dog people share with dogs the most noble of characteristics.  Independent, sincere, lively and decisive.  Not afraid of difficulties in daily life and have a harmonious relations with people around them.  They are also courageous and valiant, trustworthy and loyal, reliable and responsible, clever (even wise), emotional and sensitive, conservative and stubborn, and they have strong morals and ethics.  Ensuring others happiness is more important than wealth or success.  What about the downside?  Not much really, worry a lot and prone to depression.  Overly critical and have a tendency to bite back quickly without thinking.

DT gets a really bad press and people who know him say that he is nothing like the way he is portrayed.  So give him the benefit of the doubt and bear the above characteristics in mind.  He was born in the Fire Phase of the Chinese calendar, meaning he is a true leader and not part of the pack.  He will obey his master – the ordinary American people – and bring good fortune to them.

Talking about dog leaders, did you know that Nicola Sturgeon was also born in the Year of the Dog?  She is a Scottish Terrier of the Dandie Dinmont variety.  Feisty, short-legged, with a distinctive top-knot of hair.  Not many people know that.  That makes her snappy and persistent, always nipping peoples ankles, and like a dog with a bone.  She will never give up on Independence and keeps on digging up her bone of a referendum.  She is well aware what happened a hundred years ago to the Irish Parliamentary Party; so will keep on barking.

I must also declare an interest and confirm that I was born in the Year of the Dog.  What breed?  I am an Irish Wolfhound – formidable and solitary.  I will leave you to google the rest.


One Response to American Bulldog

  1. Neil says:

    This is a really good entry. Like the writer I also use a range of media outlets to gain information as to what is going on in the world. Like many of my fellow UK citizens I know for good reasons based on facts that the MSM TV media especially the BBC news channel, closely followed by Sky News are openly and deeply biased in support of the authoritarian, liberal left. I am appalled that the BBC is allowed to continue funded by vast amounts of public money without root and branch reform, resulting in unbiased news and current affairs coverage.
    After the election of Mr Trump and the Brexit vote it is obvious that a large number of ordinary people want significant change in government policies.
    Time in my opinion for more ordinary people to get involved in politics. Especially Christians who support democracy and Christian values in national governance.

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