Planned Parenthood on the run

Our prayers are being answered.  On 13th December the US Senate Judiciary Committee issued a report confirming that Planned Parenthood Federation of America  and their business partners sold aborted baby body parts for profit.  PPFA together with four PP affiliates in California and three fetal tissue trading companies have been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.  PPFA is accused of criminal conspiracy by covering up violations of their own guidelines.

David Daleiden, Project Leader for the Center for Medical Progress, said “The wheels of justice are going to turn against PP and their corrupt abortion empire.  The fact is, the more the details and evidence come to light, the more they show that PP is guilty.  I am thrilled that our own videos were able to set official investigations in motion eighteen months ago that will now make PP accountable under the law to the American people.”

This is the latest recent development.  On 12th October in California, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced they are prosecuting a criminal lawsuit against PP business partners – Da Vinci Biosciences and DV Biologics.  For a period of eight years PP benefited financially with kickbacks from the sale of baby body parts.

On 1st December the US House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Select Investigation Panel announced they had referred PP Gulf Coast for criminal prosecution to the Texas Attorney General on account of its illegal sale of baby body parts.

For more information on all these cases, refer to the recent posts on the CMP website >

Warning; the video link on that post contains some disturbing images.

Likewise, the Report from the US Committee on the Judiciary – Human Fetal Tissue Research: Context and Controversy – makes gruesome reading.  It is a long and detailed review going all the way back to 1973 and the Supreme Court case Roe -v- Wade.  The seven page executive summary sums it all up if you cannot manage the other fifty pages.  The Conclusion at paragraph 9 states:

‘Much of the Congressional support for the 1993 NIH Revitalization Act was premised on the idea that the ban on buying or selling fetal tissue would be a safeguard against the development for a market for human fetuses.  Tragically, the executive branch has either failed or simply refused to enforce that safeguard.  As a result, contrary to the intent of the law, companies have charged thousands of dollars for specimens removed from a single aborted fetus; they have claimed the fees they charged only recovered acceptable costs when they had not, in fact, conducted any analysis of their costs when setting the fees; and their post hoc accounting rationalizations invoked indirect and tenuously related costs in an attempt to justify their fees.  With no executive branch oversight or enforcement of the law, there are no consequences to these actions.  Unless there is a renewed emphasis on enforcement or changes in the law to clarify the exceptions to the ban on payments, the problem is likely to continue.  Accordingly, the Justice Department should fully investigate the fetal tissue practice of Planned Parenthood Federation of America; the individual Planned Parenthood affiliates involved in paid fetal tissue transfers; Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc; StemExpress, LLC; and Novogenix Laboratories, LLC in order to enforce this law.”

For the full Report >

Various pieces of legislation are alleged to have been breached including; alteration of abortion procedure in order to obtain fetal tissue; performing partial-birth abortions; obtaining organs from still-living fetuses; receiving or paying valuable consideration for fetal tissue.  This report deals only with the last item.  The 1993 National Institution of Health Revitalization Act authorised government to fund research on therapeutic fetal tissue transplants – subject to several safeguards.  The aim of the legislation was to prevent a market for fetal tissue that would incentivise abortions [that is encouraging and increasing the number of abortions] to obtain tissue [that is whole bodies and parts of bodies], to prevent commercialisation.

Executive branch, across multiple administrations, has failed to enforce safeguards.  Failure of Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Service over fourteen years to conduct a single audit.  Similarly the Justice Department has never initiated a single prosecution since the Law’s enactment in 1993; and has only ever undertaken two investigations in twenty-three years.  The lack of investigation and prosecution resulted in companies involved as middlemen, to be free to receive substantial payments with impunity.

Since 2010 the three companies referred to in the Conclusion have paid PP affiliates to acquire aborted fetuses.  Four PP affiliates in California mainly responsible but independent abortion facilities are also suppliers.  PPFA was aware of violations and deleted its compliance requirements from its manual, thereby turning a blind-eye to the violations.  In May 2015, shortly before CMP videos were released PPFA changed its guidance and added a new section.  CEO, Cecile Richards misled the enquiry by not informing them that this had been a recent change.

The US pro-life movement have known for seventeen years about malpractice, but the CMP undercover operation over three years – revealed in 2015 – blew the lid off of it when they released a series of videos.  There are many more videos waiting to be released but they are prevented by a court case against CMP in California, initiated by the intermediary companies.  The California Attorney General ordered a raid on David Daleiden’s house and seized the recordings.  The California Legislature has passed an act to make undercover investigations illegal, but only in relation to abortion facilities and associated organisations.  This is one big cover-up.

There have been previous revelations going back to 1973.  Such as Washington Post report on OB-GYN News investigation that first brought matter to the attention of American public.  In the same year New York Times published article about research by American scientists going to Finland, where they injected rubella vaccine in to thirty-five pregnant women who were scheduled to have abortions.  They preferred research while fetus still attached to mother; the fetuses were later aborted.  Medical World News described procedures by US medics in Finland, where they decapitated fetuses and attached tubes to arteries feeding brains to circulate a solution in to the arteries.  In 2000 ABC News in their 20/20 programme conducted an undercover operation, with one medic desiring to obtain fetal tissue by opening an abortion clinic in Mexico in order to get a greater supply by offering cheaper abortions.

It is clear that there are people who will go to any lengths to circumvent safeguards in their quest for money and wealth.  Even to the extent of operating out of their own jurisdiction.  They are aided by politicians and judges who cover their backs.  This is rightly described as an industry, which is on a production-line scale and requires an endless supply of aborted babies.  The research, even on still-living babies, is reminiscent of a Nazis concentration camp.  Any safeguard is like trying to catch rain in a sieve, it will never work.  The only way to put a stop to these inhuman practices is to ban abortions.

It is also necessary to ban not-for-profit companies and charities like PP who are involved in evil, and are actually taking advantage of tax-breaks to accumulate huge financial reserves and pay fortunes to their CEO’s like Cecile Richards.  Any idea that their activities are conducted out of compassion for women have been stripped bare.

And, what is happening in this country?  We know our so called safeguards are a joke, with women never being seen by the two doctors who are required to certify their eligibility for an abortion.  Most abortions are approved for the reason of the mental risk to the woman; that is only having to threaten suicide.  What happens to these aborted babies?  When the HEFA approve embryonic research, where do the embryos come from?  When the rules are broken, as in sex selection, and the authorities refuse to prosecute it falls to a private prosecution; that is then taken over by the CPS and the case is dropped.  Within the UK we can see echoes of what is and has happened in the US.  When will we get a serious and honest Parliamentary  investigation as we near the Fiftieth anniversary of the Abortion Act?


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