Abortion is Abhorrent and an Abomination

There is no getting away from it and there is no way that they can sugar the pill – abortion is bad, detestable, loathsome and unpleasant.  That is the truth, but in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  They (aggressive progressives) have always lied, misinformed,  misled and misrepresented the facts when promoting their agenda of personal autonomy that leads to abortion on demand destroying a human being in horrifying circumstances up to the time of birth and even during birth.  Some even promote the killing of new-born children and some countries have legalised the euthanasing of children and young people.  This is the inevitable result of stepping on to the slippery slope of special and exceptional situations.  Once you sanitize the killing of the old and the destruction of the conceived, everyone in between is fair game.

Unfortunately, for the intolerant pro-abortion and pro-choice campaigners, medicine and science are against them.  Abortion is never necessary and it is never a cure for anything.  In the tiny number of cases where there is a physical danger to the mother that requires an early delivery of her baby, every effort should be made to also save the life of the pre-born child.  The aggressive progressives deny the humanity of the unborn person and anything that proves their personhood is hidden from the public.  Indeed they go to extreme lengths to stifle the reality and keep the public in the dark.  They are getting more desperate in their efforts and in the process are making fools of themselves.

In the previous post there was mention of the Irish Labour Party tabling a draft Bill that will restrict the ability of crisis pregnancy counsellors to provide advice and support to pregnant mothers.  This is part of a global drive and a coordinated campaign.  This month the French National Assembly and the French Senate passed Bills that will make it a crime to post pro-life information on the internet.  The Left describe these websites as filled with horror and lies and needing to be prevented from operating.  Violators will face up to two years imprisonment and fines.  When enacted it will stop the provision of information for abortion alternatives, deemed to be by the use of moral and psychological pressure, which can mean whatever the subjective pro-abortion campaigners decide it means.  This does not only affect pro-life groups, but also anyone who proclaims the Gospel and the Catholic Catechism.  Clergy preaching the evil of abortion are threatened, especially if televised and posted online.  This website would also be under threat even though it is political in nature.  There is also the danger of drift in to the real world and the pulpit.

It is just another attempt to limit the information available to women.  In this country Left politicians are still pressing for the creation of buffer zones near abortion facilities in order to stop women from changing their minds.  Never mind Choice, once a woman is on the abortion conveyor belt they are not to be allowed to get off.  In the US many States provide for abortion facilities to show women a scan of their unborn baby so that they can be under no illusion about what they are carrying.  The Texas State Health Service has produced a factual booklet – A Woman’s Right to Know – which must be given to pregnant women by the abortion facility at least twenty-four hours before the procedure.  Planned Parenthood object to these measures and invariably challenge them in the courts.  They are really determined for abortions to proceed unhindered.

The latest piece of nonsense also derives from France.  The French State Council has banned the broadcasting of an award-winning video from  World Downs Syndrome Day – because the children’s smiles might disturb women who’ve had abortions.  They don’t want them to have a guilty conscience.  In the video a woman states, “I am scared, what kind of life will my child have?”  In response, people living with DS explain what they can do; talk, read, write, go to school, get jobs, fix bicycles, live independently.  Nothing wrong there, but FSC upheld a previous ruling by the French Broadcasting Council who rejected the two minute ad’ as inappropriate for French Television.  The FSC said that allowing people with DS to smile was inappropriate because peoples expression of happiness was likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different life choices.

Studies have proven that kids with DS are much happier than the sulky bunch who go through life without DS.   So they are banned from TV in order to perpetuate the myth that DS is a life of suffering and burden on their families and society – 99% of people with DS are happy with their lives.  But, if the truth gets out people will start questioning the systematic screening and the deliberate mass elimination, under the pretence of health-care and a woman’s right to choose.  Using that logic, DS kids will be banned from school and placed in institutions so their presence does not upset post-abortion parents.

The Museum of Contraception and Abortion in Vienna, along with the UK’s BPAS, are complaining about the images and photos used by the news media because they show abortion in a bad light.  They want their approved images to be used.  You could not make this story up, it is total delusion.  One wonders how many tourists visit the Museum in Vienna?


Women have a Right to Know the Truth, and pro-lifers have the Right to Tell Women the Truth, it is called freedom of speech and expression – a fundamental Human Right.  Silencing people speaking the truth starts very early in schools.  In Vancouver, Canada, a school teacher in a private school was sacked because he told students that he personally believed abortion was wrong.  A female senior student complained she had been ‘triggered and felt unsafe’ by the comment.  The 44 year old teacher, teaching the class about law and ethics stated, “I find abortion to be wrong, but the law is often different from our personal opinions.”  Nothing else just an example.  The girl said he had no right to an opinion on abortion as he was a man.  She demanded an apology.  When he didn’t apologise he was taken before the school administration and told his job was on the line.  With that threat he apologised to her, but she rejected it because it was “too personal”.  It is happening all over the Western World.  We seem to be raising a generation of over-sensitive and fragile individuals, who cannot be told the truth and refuse to listen to alternative opinions and positions.

They then go on to University and trample over other students lives and rights.  The University of Strathclyde Students Association is such an example.  The intolerant and authoritarian student leaders of USSA are actively censoring pro-life opinion by adopting a ‘No Platform to Anti-Choice’ policy.  This prevents Strathclyde Life Action from using any union buildings for any event they want to organise and restricts their freedom of speech.  No other group is subject to this censorship.  Instead of diversity and inclusion, the USSA is imposing conformity and exclusion.

When these aggressive progressives graduate they carry this discrimination and intolerance in to the work place, mainly the public services, and so it continues.  The BBC is riddled with their like and they have the best of vehicles to spread their ‘liberal democratic western values’.  However, things are changing because the common people [the usually silent majority] have had enough.  To quote Alice Lane, “People are sick of politicians who promise change that never materialises, sick of policies of the extreme left, sick of the exclusion of honest open debate and being told what they should think.”  Who is Alice Lane?  Well she is just one of the common people, speaking common sense.

Today we celebrate the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe – the Patroness of the Unborn and Queen of the Americas – who appeared to Saint Juan Diego in 1531 in a state of pregnancy carrying the Saviour of the World.  We pray to Her and Her Son to bring this madness to an end.


One Response to Abortion is Abhorrent and an Abomination

  1. Eric says:

    I was already aware of the repugnant nonsense from France – la liberte according to the Masonic constitution of that country, and a certain J P Sartre. Was it you who reported that Harvard Medical School, which spread transgender operations throughout the world, now no longer does them? Some crazy idea about actually talking to these precious men!

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