If you’re Irish – Save the Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution was approved in a Referendum over thirty years ago.  It provides for the equal protection of both mother and her unborn child.  In that time it has saved the lives of countless thousands of babies from being aborted.

The Eighth Amendment is under threat from extreme powerful forces, the aggressive progressives that we have been highlighting in our recent posts, who reside in foreign lands but who are aided by unrepresentative minorities within Ireland.  The Irish Labour Party made abortion and the repeal of the Eighth Amendment a central plank of their election campaign in this year’s General Election.  Indeed, they stated quite clearly that they were making the General Election a Referendum on abortion.  They were wiped out in the election, with only seven TDs being elected.  Previously they had thirty-three TDs and they were partners with Fine Gael in Government.

Notwithstanding that resounding defeat, which the Irish voters delivered emphatically, the Irish Labour Party continues to press in the Dail for restrictions on Pregnancy Advice and Care Centres that would make it near impossible to help pregnant mothers who are in difficulty.  They are equally vociferous in demanding a new Referendum to overturn the Eighth Amendment, even though opinion polls show there is no popular support for a Referendum or for a change to the Constitution.  The Irish Labour Party are antidemocratic and are competing in the Dail with a coalition of Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit [6 TDs] and the Independent Alliance [6 TDs] to be the most pro-abortion.

To counter this situation the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children have produced and released a compelling video in defence of the Eighth.  Please forward the link to your friends and relatives, especially those in Ireland.  >




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