Hillary – the last post

In the previous post the emphasis was on abortion, because that is a fundamental issue and a defining issue (the biggest) in the presidential election.  Not that you would know it by reading the British press or listening to the BBC.  Abortion has been airbrushed from their news coverage.  This is of particular concern with regard to the BBC, as they are a public corporation with a responsibility to be impartial and unbiased.  The CDP have taken them to task concerning their leaning towards Planned Parenthood and their non-reporting of the undercover videos published by the Center for Medical Progress, proving PP have been selling the body parts (and whole bodies) of aborted babies to intermediaries in a market that has been created in the US.  The BBC has gone along with the PP strategy to suppress, spin and smear the story and the CMP.  Not a hint of it on radio or television, with only the briefest of indirect press-agency reporting online – all in favour of PP, especially the indictment of CMP Director (David Daleiden) by a Texas grand-jury.  When all charges against him were dismissed, not a dickybird or tweet from the BBC updating the ‘good news’.  Why is that?  David Lord, the top man at BBC with responsibility for impartiality, is on record saying that the BBC has an agenda based on “liberal democratic Western values”.  Not British conservative democratic values or Christian enduring & traditional truths & values.  It is clear the BBC is biased and acting contrary to its Charter .  Not that you will find any declaration to that effect in a BBC document, it all rests on the generic mind-set of producers and reporters.  The same situation has applied to their reporting of the US presidential election and Hillary Clinton, presumably because she and the BBC share the same liberal democratic Western values.

It is self-evident and incontrovertible where the BBC stands with regard to the Democratic Party, and Obama, and the Clintons.  Obama and the Clintons get an easy ride compared with the BBC attitude towards the Bush family.  The BBC is enthralled by them – if not in thrall to them.  The same attitude applies across the British press, to varying degrees depending where they are on the political spectrum.  Without labelling anyone, Max Hastings is taken to be on the right of the spectrum and has a reputation for thorough research when producing his respected books about politics and history.  When it comes to opinion columns his research seems a bit shaky, dismissing the questions and concerns about Obama’s legitimacy by using the derogatory term ‘birthers’ against the accusers, and also dismissing Trump’s accusations of election fixing out of hand.  In both cases Max is ignorant of the facts and ignores the prosecutions and convictions for electoral corruption and fraud in 2012.  In the UK even the right-wing press are of the liberal variety.  The cries of woe at a Trump victory will be deafening, and we can expect marches and rallies outside the US Embassy.

One reporter who is not enthralled by anyone is Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.  His assessment of the presidential election published today is spot on.  I do not always agree with him, but in this report he covers all the issues that I avoided in the previous post.  It is worth reading, but you will notice that even he has not dealt with the widely different abortion positions of the two candidates.  This is really a blind spot for the British news media, who never question the basic pro-abortion and pro-choice position that is now ingrained in their attitudes.  It is the same elite attitude that has liberals branding opponents of Same Sex Marriage as bigots and has supporters of Brexit accused of being racist and xenophobes.  In the US the Democrats describe Catholics as seriously backward and Trump’s ignored supporters as deplorables.  Is this really what democracy has come down to, when differing opinions and positions are not tolerated and there is no respect for the people who express something that these so called ‘democrats’ want to shout down?

An authentic democracy requires a moral and virtuous people.  That is why the CDP promotes a Culture of life, moderation and modesty.  People need to be informed and have facts communicated to them, not opinions, that are accurate and honest.  An impartial news media is essential to the democratic process.  Unfortunately, they have not lived up to that expectation.  When we get unbiased reporting about what abortion really is, we will then have turned the corner.



One Response to Hillary – the last post

  1. Eric says:

    Look again at Trump. Another attraction he might have for pro-lifers is that he does have a social justice agenda that really is needed, and it seems he does intend to promote it. But the wall will never be built, New Mexico is in the US anyway.

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