The Muppet Show

After the Irish voted No to the Lisbon Treaty in the referendum of June 2008, they were visited by the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, who went to Ireland in September to ‘listen’ and find out why they had rejected the Treaty and stalled European constitutional reform.  A survey had shown that top of the list of reasons was that the treaty was unreadable – or as Dustin the Turkey said, “gobbledegook”.  Sarkozy was greeted by a Dubliner dressed as a frog, who told him “Hop it Sarko. The people say No.”  Of course the President was not at all interested about what the Irish thought and was only preparing the way for a second referendum.  That was held in October 2009 with a dramatic and surprising reversal – 67.1% in favour against 46.6% in favour in the first referendum.  A survey found the main reason for the change was fear.  The first referendum was held before the extent of the financial crisis had become evident.  By 2009 the financial crisis had hit Ireland with a vengeance, a bailout followed and the Troika took up residence in Merrion Street.

Now we have our own referendum and fear is being dished up in larger and larger portions.  So, bring on the Muppet Show theme music with Gonzo the Great (the whatever and weirdo), as usual playing the final trumpet note, then holding a placard [Gonzo is Gone].  Next up, Kermit the Frog as compare and singing his hit ‘Before you leapve’ – turns around to reveal the label on his back [Kermit for Brexit].  He then introduces Miss Piggy (diva par excellence), who with a karate chop releases a banner saying [Stop tselling pork pies] and singing “c’est Sortie – pour Moi!”.  Kermit then introduces Fozzie Bear to tell jokes about sprouts and outs – Fozzie for Out wocka wocka wocka.  He gets the usual cantankerous heckling from the balcony,  Statler says, “I don’t care for puppets much, not finding them believable.”  Waldorf responds, “I don’t believe you.”  Ha Ha!.  Statler appeals to the audience, “Why do you watch it?”  All the performers then appear on stage for the reprise, singing the Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go?”  Cue Electric Mayhem for the finale playing the Ramones “Hey Hey, Lets Go”   with Animal wild and frenzied as they are drummed out.

Roll the credits: This show was brought to you by the Muppets for Leave Campaign.  The only problem is that Disney, who obtained Jim Henson’s rights, will not give permission for the muppets to take part.  It has also been pointed out that there are too many muppets already taking part in the referendum debate.

With the level of debate descending to unbelievable depths (the gutter) the creditably of politicians is rock bottom.  This applies across the board, even among the Leave campaign.  BoJo is clowning around too much, but would make a good comedy team with Fozzie.  The involvement of celebrity activists is also turning people off.  Yesterday’s battle on the Thames at Westminster was a disgrace, with Bob-the-Gob doing himself no favours.  The fishing community, that brought their drifters and trawlers to the seat of government, have a valid concern that could be solved by the UK reclaiming its fishing grounds.  They deserved to be heard and taken notice off.  Blasting them with loud music, and spads racing about in a dangerous manner in rigid hull inflatable boats, was not a proper or respectful response.  The news media, especially the BBC, give these weirdo celebs too much exposure.  Bob, Eddie Lizard and that other cross-dressing potter get to appear on Question Time, but I have yet to see or hear a trawler-man.  That tells you something about the level of debate and the degree to which the BBC abides by its public impartiality responsibility.

Then we have the foreign muppets making threatening noises.  Wolfgang Schauble, German Finance Minister, telling us that ‘Out means Out’, but he is only one of twenty-eight finance ministers so how much notice does he deserve?  In any case he was preoccupied at the Bilderberg conference in Dresden last weekend.  The first time Mrs Merkel comes to London telling us how to vote, we will arrange for Miss Piggy to meet her with a karate chop.  She hasn’t got much longer in the job of Chancellor anyway.  Also at the Bilderberg conference was German Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyden, who is being lined up to replace her.  All the EU heads of government have been part of a coordinated persuasion campaign to frighten UK voters in to voting remain.  This is gross interference, but the worst example is lame-duck Taoiseach Enda Kenny.  Because of reciprocal arrangements, the Irish resident in the UK can vote in the referendum.  At the end of May we had a visit from Kenny encouraging Irish citizens to register to vote.  He is back over today telling them how to vote to remain.  He has also been in Northern Ireland telling the Nationalists how to vote.  This can only be happening with the approval of Cameron and Osborne, but it is totally out-of-order.  The UK has never interfered in an Irish referendum, at least not publicly.  Kenny does not have the support of his own electorate, so it is very desperate to think he can influence the vote.  It does show that Dave and George feel the need to scrape up every last vote.  Well they may be shocked to find out how sceptical of the EU the Irish are, when not being directly bullied, and they don’t believe that watch-towers are going to return to the Irish border.  On my frequent visits to Ireland I have found them still hankering after the Punt and believing the Euro caused price-inflation.  They are only too ready to demand a referendum of their own on an exit or Eirexit.

Blair and Major have also been to Derry in Northern Ireland for the Remain campaign, warning of dire consequences  for the Province and the rest of Ireland.  Everything short of the Great Famine will befall the island if the UK leaves the European Union.  These are the worst domestic muppets of a sad crowd.  We have also had Clark, Heseltine, Kinnock, Brown, Mandelson, Clegg and Ashdown singing from the same song sheet.  These domestic muppets are the politicians who denied the public a referendum ever since the Maastricht Treaty twenty-five years ago.  They are anti-democratic.  Not only that, they do not think we have any right to vote, because letting the people decide is too dangerous and we might make the wrong choice.  Well, whichever way the people vote on this issue it will be right; that is democracy.

As stated, Dave and George are desperate for every last vote.  Paddy Ashdown has been in Gibraltar banging the drum for Remain.  Just to be clear he is a leader of the European Movement that is funded by the European Commission to well, bang the drum for closer EU integration.  That is subversive campaigning by Brussels.  Today PM Cameron has flown to Gibraltar for the same purpose and been roundly condemned by Spanish PM Rajoy for having the temerity to set foot on the Rock, which they claim is Spanish.  The first UK Prime Minister to visit Gib’ since 1968.  How desperate is that?  But then, we know Mrs Merkel is pulling Dave’s strings.

Mark Carney has been challenged about bias by the Bank of England in the referendum.  He is part of a double act with George Osborne who yesterday made outrageous threats to introduce a draconian budget if we voted to leave.  Who is pulling their strings?  Look no further than the Bilderberg group.  George attended their conferences in 2006,  2007, 2008, 2009 and 20013.  Dave also attended in 2013.  Mark attended in 2011 and 2012, and was appointed Governor of the Bank of England in 2013.  Carney was also Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, an institution of the G20 based in Basel, Switzerland.  Once you attend a Bilderberg conference, you are a member of the group for life.

Item 3 on the agenda for this year’s conference was: Europe – migration, growth, reform, vision, unity.  Item 6 was: US – political landscape, economy, growth, debt, reform.  They also discussed China, Middle East and Russia.  The movers and shakers do not keep coming to these conferences unless it is rewarding and they can make a difference.  So, they will have decided who is to be next US President, who will be the next German Chancellor, what to do about Putin, who will replace Cameron and Osborne, and the next Governor of the Bank of England.  They will have thought about thwarting Brexit and how to ensure the implementation of TTIP.  They will be aware that the Irish will have a referendum about the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and be wanting to stop other EU countries from doing the same.

It seems they are also lining up a replacement for the Labour Party leadership.  Only one UK politician was at this year’s conference, with the usual attendees busy with the referendum and sensitive about how it might look.  The only Brit’ politician present was Helen Goodman, Labour Party MP.  Who?  Remember that name.

It also seems that there is a never-ending supply of muppets.


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