Catholic Conference : Restoring the Culture of Life

Family Life International is a global partnership of Catholics working to promote and defend the sanctity of Life and the Family.  FLI is working on every continent to build strong families and to protect the unborn child, the elderly and disabled. It is certain that where children are welcomed into the world in intact families, a Culture of Life is born.  FLI recognises the teaching authority of the Catholic Church in matters of Faith and Morals.

This year’s Conference is on Saturday 7th May in the Amigo Hall at St. Georges Cathedral, Lambeth Road, London – from 9.00am onwards.

The message from FLI:-

“Contemporary society has expelled God from His creation, and now the Governments alone decide the norms by which we live.  The consequence of this is evident in every aspect of life in modern Britain.

The purveyors of the sexual revolution have now legally redefined marriage and the family, leaving moral chaos in their path.  We are now seeing social engineering programmes through the media and school programmes to convince the young that good is evil and evil is good.  In the immediate future we can expect the implementation of euthanasia using euphemisms such as assisted suicide, so that at the two most vulnerable points in our existence (the unborn and the long born) life will become precarious.

FLI apostolate exists to equip the next generation to meet the challenges posed by the Culture of Death which has  overtaken us.  FLI’s focus is on strengthening the family by promoting chastity programmes in schools, preparing parents for the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood, teaching Natural Family Planning to couples, producing pro-life and pro-family audio, video and print materials and running conference events for educating and informing all people of goodwill.”

The agenda for the Conference includes;

Home education – your children’s primary educators : parents or the state,

Conflict of faith and science – the relationship of grace and theology, of grace and science, and of grace and human life,

Climate change – over population and other urban myths,

Nazareth and social chaos – what the faithful should do when the family is abolished,

Evolution – Adam and Eve through the eyes of the Mystical Saints and the Doctors of the Church.

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