Cecil and Cecile

You probably know who Cecil is, but have you any idea who Cecile is?  At this time of year, when Parliament is in the long summer recess and news is scarce the print-press struggle to publish real current affairs; resulting in the perennial silly season.  This year is no different.  Stories that would normally be buried on an inside page appear on the front page.  Many of these are of the could or may variety. The research department of a university publishes the findings of its latest study saying that something might happen if we continue to behave in a particular way, and the press seize upon it.  It is reported as fact when in truth it is only a theory.  A think-tank releases the results of a piece of social research based on statistical analysis, that could have dire consequences, resulting in a misleading headline.  On further reading it appears that the statistics are dubious and it contradicts a similar report from a similar think-tank they printed a short time earlier.  Then there are the opinion polls telling us that a majority of people support or oppose this or that.  Further scrutiny reveals it was based on a small number of interviewees and is worthless.  Or, the poll was commissioned to bolster a campaign, with the questions being loaded to achieve the desired result.  And, we see the shocking behaviour of a celebrity or public figure (usually deceased so they cannot dispute it) uncovered, only to find it is taken from a book that the author is promoting.

This is lazy journalism, with the reporter doing no research themselves, as they meet their editor’s target of column inches.  You cannot print a newspaper without news and without a newspaper you cannot publish advertisements and get the revenue from them.  Many of these stories are not even new, but are recycled from last year or even longer.  Some new news is reported and usually comes from Reuters or another press agency.  You can pick these out because the identical report appears in a number of newspapers.  Most of the foreign news is sourced in this way.  Cut-and-paste is used extensively to personalise an article.  A lot of reporters never leave the office because they are glued to a computer screen as they scour the social networking sites.  The laziness even applies to lobby journalist who parrot the spin served up to them by official un-named government and political sources.  When things have dried up a resourceful journalist can fabricate a story about royalty, as they never respond unless the subject matter is really outlandish.  Some of the red-tops have form for producing interviews that never happened.  Then there are the reports resulting from under-cover, or should that be under the covers, sting operations mainly of a sexual nature; the ones where the journalist “made an excuse and left”.  The last resort of the desperate journo is the totally bogus story ‘man bites dog’.  Which brings us to Cecil the Lion.

The report of the killing and beheading of Cecil in Zimbabwe by a cross-bow game-hunting dentist from the US was like manna from heaven.  It didn’t have to be made up.  The odium heaped on Walter Palmer who lives in Minnesota has been palpable and worldwide, and has been like Cecil’s bite from the grave or from Cecil’s head mounted on Walter’s trophy wall – Headline: dentist stings lion, lion bites dentist.  The source for this report comes from a researcher who tracked Cecil for Oxford University’s conservation unit.  This is a good result for the unit and they will probably achieve more funding.  Rather like Clarence the cross-eyed lion from the 1960s film, this pride of lions has been humanised with its leader and protector given the name of Cecil.  The press have drawn out the story for much longer than it deserves.  Following the death of Cecil there was a fear that the pride cubs would be killed by a rival alpha-lion trying to take over the pride.  Cecil’s brother, Jericho, was reported to be protecting the cubs and lionesses, and tension was increased with the report that Jericho had also been killed by poachers.  This was then corrected – Jericho is alive, but one of the cubs is dead.  The concern for their welfare is almost unanimous.  The US government authorities are investigating even though they have no jurisdiction.  The main US airlines are distancing themselves by refusing to transport hunting trophies.  The UK environment minister has made disapproving comments without going as far as to advise UK airlines that they should not transport animal heads.   It transpires that his department funds conservation in foreign countries, which seems to be treading on the toes of the Foreign and International Development offices.

Some organisations seem to have easy access to public funds without too many questions asked.  So, further manna falls the way of the press with the collapse of Kids Company and questions being asked about the ease with which they were given public funds, together with an insight into the patronage from the metro liberals that shielded its founder Camila Batmanghelidgha from any expression of concern.  With the money-tap turned off by government and donors the flamboyant Camila runs to the news media with accusations of a conspiracy against her, but this only makes matters worse.  The Charity Commission are investigating and Number 10 are distancing themselves.  Journalists smell blood and start looking under stones as more disconcerting revelations come to light.  Nothing is outside the scope of the press as they act in the public interest.  Cam’ Batman’ is now fair game.

Now compare all of this with the way that the media have reacted (or not reacted) to Cecile Richards, the chief executive officer of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which is part of the world-wide International Planned Parenthood Federation, following the release of an undercover video recording by the Centre for Medical Progress showing that PP affiliates are selling the body parts of aborted babies.  This is a scandal of the highest magnitude, but the media response has been a total blackout to keep the public in the dark.  In the US there was no coverage for the first two weeks, followed by a trickle of information that was largely based on Cecile Richards and PP mounting a damage-limitation exercise after employing a public relations firm to devise a campaign.  At the core of the campaign is the concept that the best form of defence is attack.  Even then this topic was not aired on the Hispanic news channels.  The first attack on CMP was that the allegations were not true, the videos had been unfavourably edited, and the CMP was a violent and extreme anti-abortion organisation intent on stopping women accessing health services.  It appears that most Americans believe PP to be solely involved in family planning and are unaware they perform 327,000 (of an estimated 1.2 million) abortions in the US every year, in the process receiving $536m.  They receive vast amounts of federal and state public funding so there is a lot at stake.  Big Corporations like Xerox, Ford Motor Co and Coca-Cola have distanced themselves from PP to avoid contagion and a list of corporate donors on the PP website has been taken down.  All of this should be world-wide news, but it is being blocked and there was much more and worse news to follow.

The response of the CMP was to post full transcripts of the meetings they had with the PP executives, together with the full video.  They have since gone on to release further videos of different meetings with different PP executives to demonstrate that this was not an isolated incident and they announced that they will be releasing many more hours of recordings.  The CMP deny they have any history of violence or intimidating and harassing women attending at PP clinics.  They have pledged full cooperation with any investigations and called for PP to be defunded.  So far twelve states have commenced investigations into the activities of PP and the States of Alabama, New Hampshire and Louisiana have revoked taxpayer funding for PP in their states.  The Governor of the State of Indiana has signed a Bill into law that requires abortion clinics to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies.  The Supreme Court decision in Roe-v-Wade prohibits states from banning abortions, but action as in Indiana is possible and will stop the sale of baby parts.  The premise of the Indiana Bill provides that an aborted baby should be treated respectfully even though they have been treated with disrespect before abortion and follows revelations that PP in Indianapolis was disposing of aborted babies down a drain to the sewer system.

The US Congress has commenced hearings and requested PP to explain itself, but they will not cooperate.  A vote in the Senate to defund PP was thwarted by a Democratic Party filibuster.  A popular revolt is taking place with PP facing national outrage from Americans across the US, some of whom are speaking out against the abortion business for the first time. Men who have been brain-washed into silence because the feminists tell them it’s a woman’s issue and choice.  As the pro-life wife of a man who is pro-choice, but with reservations, said “You can’t stand on the sidelines, especially now that you’ve seen these videos. That’s bullshit! These are babies that are being killed. Millions of them. And you need to use your voice to protect them. That’s what a man does. He protects children – his own children and other children. That’s what it means to be a man.”

Pro-Life groups are to hold national demonstrations on 22nd August with simultaneous rallies outside PP affiliate clinics in 180 cities in 43 states, demanding that they be defunded.  All of this is newsworthy, not just in the US but world-wide.  The news blackout continues outside of the US.  Interviews and reports on the US news channels are heavily weighted in favour of PP who are unrepentant.  Following the lead of Cecile Richards, the CEO of PPFA, the President of PP in California defends her organisation and denies being involved in illegal activity; “What we do is legal and ethical. These videos are not about tissue donation, these videos are to draw your attention to abortion and to draw your attention to defunding of PP. Money received from tissue donation only covers hard costs of handling and transfer of the material. PP are offering women the opportunity to donate tissue for life-saving medical research. Pro-life activists do not care about women’s health care, only trying to entrap doctors. PP does not profit.”  This is the second attack on CMP and the standard PP response, which they will repeat ad nauseam.  Agreeing with the lady in the previous paragraph, PP are spewing out a load of nonsense; so much that it is like trying to walk through a field and avoid all the cow-pats.  PPFA make huge annual profits and have massive assets.  They carry out abortions on an industrial scale and receive $23m annually from the sale of baby body parts.  Cecile Richards is paid almost $600k each year.

David Daleiden, the founder of CMP responds; “PP’s system-wide conspiracy to evade the law and make money off of aborted fetal tissue is now undeniable. Anyone who watches these videos knows that PP is engaged in barbaric practices and human rights abuses that must end.”  PP are trying to mislead the public by talking about fetal tissue when the reality is they are dealing in baby body parts.  They are selling those body parts but claim it is only reimbursement of their expenses.  Under Federal and State laws the buying or selling of human body parts is a felony.  The latest video appears to show that PP may be selling fully intact bodies of unborn babies, purposefully born alive and left to die.  The US Federal law – Born Alive Infant Protection Act –  provides for appropriate medical care for a baby born alive after a failed abortion.

In the first video released by CMP it describes how PP perform partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.  The second video shows a PP executive discussing the pricing of baby body parts.  The fifth video records a PP executive saying, “If we alter our process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this.  It’s all just a matter of line items.”  It has been claimed that PP have sold body parts for as much as 17 years.  It has taken 3 years of under-cover filming by CMP to prove it.  Filming at PP in Colorado shows technicians rummaging through body parts to identify parts for sale. The videos confirm that PP is willing to alter the abortion procedure to kill the baby in a way that would best preserve the baby’s liver, head or heart.  Some parts go to biotech companies for the purpose of creating humanised mice.  This is grotesque and gruesome, inhuman and indefensible, unbelievable but true, newsworthy but not reported.  Pro-lifers have described abortion as a business or industry.  The CMP have gone further to reveal that those involved in the abortion industry are detached from reality and lacking in humanity.

This story has a long way to run as more damming videos are released.  The question is, when are the British and Irish media going to report it?  And perhaps more important, why are they not covering the issues?  What is the link between the abortionists and the press?


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