Family Matters

In Scotland the State will be undermining the right of parents to protect their children and even to be informed that their child is in a situation that is dangerous, detrimental or even illegal. The Scottish Government has issued guidelines – Conduct of Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education in Schools – which encourages teachers to speak to a child’s ‘named person’ about any wellbeing concerns.

The progressive SNP have introduced a Named Person Scheme whereby every child in Scotland will have a State appointed official to act as guardian and monitor their wellbeing. The guidelines bypass parents and say that staff should discuss any concerns they have with the young person and ensure they have access to confidential young people friendly services; and if it is judged there is a risk to the child’s wellbeing, staff should inform the child’s Named Person.

So if a teacher has concerns about criminal activity, such as underage sexual activity, they are instructed to tell the Named Person but not the parents. Campaigners in Scotland are rightly objecting that parents are being marginalised and side-stepped, their responsibilities diminished and their authority undermined. The right to family and private life contained in Human Rights legislation is ignored.

This is part of a drive to foist phony families on the world and overturn the protection of the real natural family, set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This drive emanates at the United Nations, where for years, progressive activists have been trying to redefine the family by inserting wording – to the effect that the family has many forms – into official UN documents. Fortunately they have been unsuccessful due to an increasing awareness of the progressive’s agenda and a powerful resistance from third-world and Muslim countries, and other countries like Russia and Belarus who are depicted by the media as the bad-guys. The implication being that the North American and European countries are the good-guys.

The US claims that social development across the globe requires strong and stable families, but the Clinton/Obama policies undermine that claim. The EU also supports the strengthening of the role of families but this must reflect the diversity of family forms, including homosexual or any grouping of people. Even the Irish Government has subscribed to the EU proposition that the family does not have human rights and that they only apply to individuals. The UK is at the forefront of this progressive drive.

Most people seemed to be taken by surprise when David Cameron championed same sex marriage. They should have seen the writing on the wall when at his first Conservative Party Conference as Party Leader he redefined the family. Then, on the eve of the last General Election, Teresa May made a commitment to SSM even though it wasn’t in the Tory manifesto. Michael Gove in a BBC Newsnight interview was dismissive of Catholic teaching on these moral issues.

The advocacy for the alternative family may be coming from progressive politicians but the drive and financing for these policies comes from people who are hidden and act in secret. In effect they are dictating the UK’s foreign policy at the UN. It does not matter which political party is in government, the Foreign Office pursues the same aggressive progressive agenda at the UN. Come the next General Election there needs to be some hard questions asked of the party leaders about their foreign policies and there must be thorough scrutiny of their party manifestos. They will try to push it to the bottom of the list of what they say are the concerns of the UK electorate.

What does the electorate want? Most women want marriage and a family. They want progressive politicians to stop portraying family as a negative hindrance on women’s development. They want government to defend the natural family founded on motherhood and fatherhood. They want lower taxes on parents and dependents , to make government accountable and affordable, to boost civic society and the whole community.

This is based on overwhelming evidence that marriage nurtures children and increases the quality and length of life. There cannot be long-term development and growth without families and children. So the message is, move away from de-familising policies and homocentrisim that bring homosexuality and libertine life-styles into every agenda.


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