Christian Democratic Resurgence

Just as with 2012 we had a hard slog in 2013 to get even the simplest of basic tasks and changes completed. The transition following the merger was prolonged and even now is not completed. The main obstacles have been the banks we have had to deal with, who by their ineptitude and sloth have confirmed that they remain unreformed. Things should start to flow freely when the blockage is cleared. The Electoral Commission finally got our new details and particulars registered correctly, only to then get our registered office address wrong by including elements from the previous address. This confused Royal Mail, resulting in it taking longer for the Commission’s notices to reach us. However, it does not take much to derail Royal Mail deliveries as some sorters seem to think that our LN post code indicates London instead of Lincoln. Our patience has been tested.

On a positive note, we adopted the new Constitution and the associated essential schemes at the AGM. We were also clear about the priorities that should follow. The need to recruit members and fill officer posts would enable the work-load to be spread and speed our growth and development. To achieve this a new website was essential along with the production of leaflets and posters. The focus for this would be a revised and updated Prospectus, which was duly produced and sent to you. It, like all our previous Declarations and Programme, should not be looked at in isolation or treated as replacements. Each document builds on its predecessor and is complimentary. The Party Programme from 2007 is still valid and can be enhanced. The layout has and will be improved to a degree without reducing its impact. Our Constitution provides a commitment to repeal any legislation that is contrary to our core aims and values. We must now add Same Sex Marriages to an already long list. We continue to demonstrate our support for Pro-Life initiatives throughout the EU.

The best way to recruit members is to contest elections and we are still not in a position to do that due to a lack of candidates. It is Catch 22, but a break will come and we have belatedly identified a number of persons in Gibraltar who might enable an effort in the South-West Region for the EP. For the 2014 Election it is too late, and in any case David Cameron needs to be punished for undermining our culture and forcing SSM on us, with this best being achieved by a decisive UKIP victory. Our time will come, but we need to get our message across and so far we have failed. Could do better!

During the year we had another approach to the Leader enquiring about the Party name. This was rebuffed, but there continues to be a danger of infiltration with the intent of a takeover. The CDP Trust had been established and incorporated into the Constitution at the AGM. Given the aim of the Trustees to act as the conscience and guardians of the Party, and prevent any hostile takeover, normal democratic processes were not appropriate. Members were aware of the circumstances and history that required this safeguard. While the appointment procedure for replacement trustees could not be fully democratic it was agreed that it could be fully transparent and open. In addition to the relevant section in the Constitution it was agreed to adopt the following Guidelines for Appointment of Trustees.

1. In the event of the death or impending resignation of a current Trustee the whole membership would be notified of the vacancy and invited to volunteer to become a CDP Trustee.

2. The Duties of the CDP Trust would be set out and members interested in applying for the position would be asked to make a written submission setting out a relevant curriculum vitae and reasons why they should be appointed.

3. The surviving CDP Trustees would conduct interviews to assess skills and suitability. All applicants would be interviewed. A shortlist would only be contemplated in extreme circumstances.

4. An appointment to the CDP Trust would be made by the Trustees in accordance with the Constitution.

It was confirmed that the role of the CDP Trust was to be reactive and not proactive. With the existing situation, where Trustees were also members of the National Executive Committee, there should not be any problem of communication. In the event that no Trustee was a member of the NEC, it would be necessary to establish a liaison and reporting mechanism.

At this point we should recognise the commitment of Party officers who have given unstintingly of their time and travelled many miles at their own cost to attend meetings, thereby maintaining forward momentum. This has been done without any reward or reimbursement of expenses. They also put their homes and facilities at the disposal of the Party.

Our financial accounts are in good order and we practice what we preach by being frugal. Nothing is wasted; we reuse and recycle wherever possible. You can be assured that your membership fees are well spent. We also benefit from your comments and ideas. It might not seem that these are being acted on, but they are kept on file and implemented when the opportunity arises. Thank you.

The limited number of posts on our Resurgence website last year focused on the SSM debate under the culture and conviviality heading. In our Faith and Family Prospectus we declared that the state of the economy is not the most important election topic despite what the main parties say. What matters most is morals and psychology. This might be difficult to get across to voters; but when you explain that this translates into culture (the customs and civilisation of our society) – our traditions and the way we live and what we believe -, which is associated with conviviality (being sociable) – the need for respect and toleration -; the eyes are opened and the penny begins to drop.

We are involved in a cultural war, a war that is not of our making. Our Christian Culture is being systematically destroyed and the Gay Liberation Front manifesto is the weapon being used, by what can be described as ‘willing dupes’. The traditional family and marriage is the main target because these are the fundamental building blocks of a civilised society.

The codes we live by are derided and undermined, there is no right or wrong, so people should not be surprised when bankers and politicians behave badly. Those same politicians proclaiming against abuse, bullying and criminality are in denial that they have brought this about because they legislated it into being with subjective statutes. We aim to counteract this by entering into a new citizens compact and relationship. We will do this by trusting the common sense of the people and will stop using them as guinea pigs for the latest political theory. As in all relationships our foundations will be security, stability, certainty, commitment, continuity, co-operation, love and loyalty.


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