The people have spoken

Deliverance Day. With the results in and no more need for speculation we can take some satisfaction from having forecast the outcome and being consistent since we were registered as a political party. Gordon Brown has emulated James Callaghan’s 1979 demise, but David Cameron has not repeated Margaret Thatcher’s success. However, we did not anticipate that GB would also try to emulate Edward Heath’s attempt to stay in power in February 1974. The fact that GB thought he might pull it off shows how delusional he is. Edward Heath won the popular vote by 267,185+ but was five seats short of Labour’s total in the Commons. In the circumstances he had a realistic chance of getting the voting support he needed from other parties. It quickly became clear that he could not and he graciously conceded defeat.

Not only did GB lose the popular vote by 2,102,289- he has a deficit of forty-eight seats behind the Conservatives in the Commons. There is no comparison. GB is not conceding defeat and is hanging on for Nick Clegg to save him. Even though Nick Clegg’s bubble has been popped, he recognises the right of David Cameron to form the government as the leader of the party with the highest vote and largest group in the Commons.

He is therefore enhancing his reputation and distancing his party from contagion by association with the discredited policies of the Labour administration. It is clever positioning for the next election in the near future. A Labour + LibDem coalition would have been the worst possible scenario. It is good to see the back of Doctor Death – Evan Harris. Can we look forward to Lords Adonis and Mandelson resigning their titles?


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