The people decide

Deliverance Day minus 1. One more day before we find out what the future holds for us. None of the options are appealing in terms of the moral agenda of all three main parties. Indeed the same can be said for most of the small parties whose policies are very narrowly focused and lack a moral dimension. Conversely, the Christian based parties are sharp on the moral issues but lack breadth on their secular agenda. This General Election will prove to be a turning point that triggers a series of realignments. The liberal democracy supporting politicians will coalesce as a reaction to the democratic socialist politicians reasserting themselves in alliance with the trade unions. Social democrats must then realise that any potential for pursuing traditional policies within the existing parties are nonexistent. They will have to work with the small parties who support Christian democracy. We need someone of standing to bring this about, even if it means knocking heads together.

The last four days of the election campaign finished on a low with spin and lies the order of business, especially for a desperate Liberal Labour who have been throwing promissory notes at any group that can keep them in power. The Liberal Democrats have been flipping policies to moderate their more extreme manifesto promises, in order not to scare away their newly acquired supporters. The Liberal Conservatives kept piling on the mini-manifestoes, like sticking-plasters to cover the gaps in their main manifesto. All this is a result of the closeness of the opinion polls.

It does look like we are going to be delivered from a further Labour administration. The best outcome for us is a Conservative administration relying on a small party for support that has demonstrated a commitment to pro-life policies. The Democratic Unionist Party would fulfil that role. It may seem strange for a Catholic party to be thinking in those terms, but we need to look at the big picture.

Another abiding memory of this campaign has been the lengths to which the parties have gone to use spoiling tactics. Whether it has been David Cameron stalked by a giant chicken, Labour supporters using posters to blot out Nick Clegg at open air events, LibDem supporters despoiling and destroying Conservative posters, or Conservative candidates making ridiculous statements about their opponents. The various newspapers have been equally biased and less than scrupulous with the accuracy of their reporting. Truth was a casualty on the first day of the campaign, and also throughout the campaign, and on the last day of the campaign. To end on a humorous note. Sheffielders are noted for their lack of respect for anyone who thinks they are a cut above the rest. They are soon brought down to earth. So the report of Nick Clegg’s last rally from the steps of Sheffield City Hall will not come as any surprise. In an effort to convince voters that a LibDem victory was possible Clegg said,”Don’t let anyone say it can’t happen”. A voice from the crowd – as sharp as a Sheffield made knife – shouted, “It can’t happen”. At last a truthful statement.


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