Reality check

Deliverance Day minus 3.  As we get closer to Election day it is becoming clearer that the issues most concerning voters have not been debated in any meaningful way. Sure, all the parties have produced comprehensive manifestoes and all the policy areas are covered, but it is like an iceberg with the 90% under the surface remaining hidden and unexamined. There has been no microscopic debate about Labour’s mishandling of the financial crisis or the recession The recession as been phoney because Labour has borrowed and continued to borrowed and will keep on borrowing if they get re-elected. They will not come clean about the inevitable measures needed to redeem this debt or how long it will take.

The roots of this problem go back to an earlier Conservative government and their economic policies which Labour had continued with. We therefore have this self preservation pact of silence by both parties. The financiers in the City are preparing to make a killing in the markets no matter which party gets elected. They are unreformed and thrive on movements in the markets. The hedge funds will continue to profit while ever they act selfishly and are irresponsible of the best interests of the Country. Where in any of the manifestoes are the proposals for regulation and stability?

You will also fail to find any concrete proposals in any of the manifestoes for resuscitating manufacturing industry. In the public sector all the parties are proposing to create new bodies such as agencies, authorities, commissions and review boards that will have to be funded. Whatever the issue or problem that needs solving, none of them are placing the responsibility on civil servants or seeking the solution from the front-line public servants. There are commitments for tax cuts and benefit increases to be set against a shrinking budget with ever increasing debt interest swallowing up limited resources. This is unreal.

A comparison of the manifestoes shows little common ground. On a few issues, two out of the three parties seem to moving in the same direction. In a hung parliament they could gang up on the other party to force these matters through. This would be like the pic and mix approach described in a previous post. There is one issue that they all agree on – they support a two state solution for Israel and Palestine. It is also the issue that they have least leverage on, but also the most important issue if any progress is to be made on securing world peace. This has been a running sore for the last 2000 years. Connected to this, all the parties are opposed to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. But again, there are no concrete proposals about how these key issues can be progressed. Jewish and Muslim intransigence kills of any initiatives. The reality is that this is not a religious conflict, it is all about land and fear between neighbours. The solution must start with an even handed approach that addresses Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons. This would be the key to unlock the potential problem of Iran’s intentions. And leading from that the Pakistan versus India nuclear race could be addressed. The opportunity for peace is endless, but nowhere do any of the parties show any inclination to be realistic with concrete proposals.

The Conservatives are compounding the manifesto muddle by producing mini-manifestoes designed to appeal to minority groups and attract their votes. The last desperate attempt to buy votes is a promise to the GAY lobby to convert civil partnerships in to full marriages. These partnerships would also benefit from the married persons tax allowance swap. Together with their support for promoting the homosexual agenda in schools, they have a recipe to undermine the family. They are more liberal than the Liberals. None of the party’s policies on the family can be taken seriously. None of them are looking at the divorce or children’s laws. Until they place fathers in their proper role as head of the family and the natural guardians of their children, the breakdown of society will continue. None of the parties can admit what is plainly evident, the lack of a father in the home, especially in Afro-Caribbean communities, is resulting in gang and knife cultures where rape is used as a tool of domination and retribution. All the parties are so PC that the problem is not addressed because they are in denial. Ian Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice has worked with black communities, and they are equally concerned for the safety of their daughters. Working together they have come up with solutions, including early-intervention, but you will not find that anywhere within the Conservative manifesto. Unless the vague concept of The Big Society is their answer.

Whatever the outcome of the Election, when you wake up on Friday morning nothing will have changed. There will just be some tinkering at the edges. Of all the manifestoes the liberal Labour one is the most unbelievable. They have been in government for thirteen years and should have addressed these matters instead of now saying that they will in the future.


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