A Clash of Cultures

Monday 26th April 2010 [D -11] Reposted due to malfunction.

Deliverance Day minus 11. Preoccupied as we are with the UK General Election we should not lose sight of what is happening in the British Overseas Territories because it tells us about how it used to be in this Country and about what we have lost. It also demonstrates how the European Convention of Human Rights is being used to distort natural rights and destroy our culture and conviviality. Diversity overrides cohesion. British Overseas Territories are small groups of people living in far off lands – mainly islands – who do not want to be decolonised as independent states or subsumed by a larger neighbouring state that might have old claims on them. They want to remain British but with a degree of independence where they are responsible for their domestic affairs and the UK is able to look after their defence and foreign relations. The Foreign Office has been working to modernise their Constitutions and supports the principle of self-determination. Except that the liberal tendency within the UK government want to impose their version of what has been imposed on us. So territories that have a predominantly conservative population that still adheres to that old-time religion, Christianity, have discovered that their right to determine their own future is being restricted. When negotiating their modern Constitutions they are not being allowed to include a religious reference to Christianity. The Foreign Office is the ‘guardian’ of human rights in these cases, but they are the distorted rights that we have become familiar with.

We are concentrating on Gibraltar because they are in Europe and they are predominantly Catholic. They have also fought a long battle with the Foreign Office who have long sought to give the isthmus back to Spain. After WW1 they tried to arrange a swap whereby Gib’ would be exchanged for Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco. The latest attempt by Jack Straw and Peter Hain to stitch up a joint sovereignty deal with Spain behind the backs of Gibraltarians was defeated. The Government of Gibraltar held their own independent referendum, when 20,000 Gibraltarians unanimously rejected the proposals. The Government of Gibraltar then negotiated a new constitution that was to their liking and retained a guarantee that the UK would never override the wishes of the Gibraltarians. Jack Straw and Peter Hain are not welcome in Gibraltar and there is no love lost between the Chief Ministers Office [at Convent Place


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